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malagabob | 08:24 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Travel
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Been trying to pay the final balance on a Thomson holiday. Can’t get any further than logging into my account. Getting Sorry we’re experiencing tech difficulties. It’s been a day at least with this fault. Even went by the phone number given to ring 4 times. Kept getting cut off at the last stage of press1 for this 2 for this. Managed to get through once to a Asian girl. Give it 72 hours and try again was the answer. The balance has got to be paid within 96. Anyone else having problems. TIA.


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Can you pay over the phone?
Sorry missed the phone bit!
Can you e-mail them ?
If this is the site I can get there no problem

Maybe try a different browser or different PC ?
That said, I have no account there to log into.
Tried 'Live Chat' ?
Scroll down to the bottom.

I tried to check a booking but although I could log in to my account, I couldn't retrieve a booking.
Having same problem. It wont allow me to sign in to booking.
Are you able to visit a travel store?
malagabob, the site is working now.
Question Author
Oh no it’s not.
I can get through to the booking seats part of the site which I couldn't earlier.
Question Author
Rang a local store opening time. They knew about it. It will be OK by 11 am. It wasn’t. Knew what the answer would, be but asked anyway. No you can’t come into a store as you’ve booked online. Can’t find the Live Chat link. Have they had a hacking incident?
Oh that doesn’t sound good!! Hope you get it sorted xx

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Thomson Site Down

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