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goodgoalie | 22:17 Tue 21st May 2019 | Travel
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All being well, I'm about to buy online a return plane ticket (Flybe to Scotland), but it's so long since I've flown, I'm not sure how it works. Do I follow the instructions on the website and print my own ticket, or do I get a reference number which I present on check-in? Do I print my own boarding pass?

Any advice from recent flyers very welcome. Thanks


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Excellent . :)
There probably won't be a check in desk, just a bag drop for those with cases for the hold.
Ryanair let you check in 60 days in advance if you pay for your seats, easyJet is 14-28 depending on the route I think Flybe is 48 hours
Can’t believe how many posters advocate printing tickets.
The last 4 times I’ve flown to/from Europe I’ve used the app for the relevant airline and scanned in via QR codes, totally paperless.
The battery in printer paper never goes flat, ChillDoubt. So few things to go wrong with it overall.
I'd also be worried about my battery. Last time I went abroad I just gave them my booking number and passport.
The battery in printer paper never goes flat, ChillDoubt. So few things to go wrong with it overall.
That’s why I have the apps on my iPod too douglas, just in case
Check in and print your boarding pass on line. You can still speak to check in agents. Most airports have them at the bag drop areas. Some airlines charge if you have not printed your boarding pass. Relax and enjoy your trip
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Well, I booked the flight, and have just printed out my e-ticket without problem. I can also print out my boarding pass 36 hours before the flight on Monday.

And to think that in a previous life I once made over 70 flights around Europe in a year - funny how quickly you forget about things (although I didn't have to book any of those flights myself)

I plan to get to the airport about 3 hours before the flight, just to make sure :)
2 hrs will probably do it :-)
Result gg, hope you enjoy your trip ;))
It’s all different nowadays, gg.
My dad was in the Army and flew to and from all sorts of places. He now frets about a flight from Bristol to Belfast, and also wants to get to the airport three hours early.

Glad you got it sorted.
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Thanks, Sam, but alas it's for a funeral, which is why I'm extra nervous about it all going okay....
I’m sure it will go OK - but if you are concerned give yourself an extra margin

I understand your anxiety re time - I am the same because my I need to take extra time in view if my disability

Sorry gg, please accept my condolences.
make sure you've got some way of repeating the process when you come back.
Arriving at airport 2 hours before flight is plenty. 3 hours is OTT.
Question Author
I'm back now, and all went well. Having done it once, won't hesitate next time....

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Buying A Plane Ticket Online

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