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LadyCG | 09:24 Fri 05th Apr 2019 | Travel
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If we start out at 8:30am, would it be possible to do Dachau concentration camp, Marienplatz, Nymphenburg and Viktualienmarkt in one day, and any tips on how to do this in organised fashion?


Any restaurant tips would be appreciated too. We are spending 4 nights in Munich in total but two whole days will be spent on organised tours.


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just taking 2 of the destinations, dachau and nymphenburg palace, you'll need about 3 hours each to do them justice, plus travel time to & from, so I'd estimate trying to do all 4 in a day would be something of a rush.
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Thank you. I may not do Nymphenburg as I'll be doing a full day tour of Neushwanstein and Linderhof on the Saturday.
When the Monty Python team went to Munich for an appearance they were surprised to be taken first to Dachau, which they hadn't requested. Their schedule had been delayed and they arrived late at the gate only to be told that the place was about to close and so they couldn't be allowed in.
Eric Idle shouted from the back, "Tell 'em we're Jews!"
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Ha ha, Khandro. I will do my best to show a tad more respect when I'm there. I understand that you get the odd idiot taking a selfie next to the Crematory ovens.

We might leave Nymphenburg until the day we fly home, although we really need to be at the airport for 2pm at the latest. We'll see how we go. We are doing an organised tour of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof on the Saturday and we'll see many beautiful buildings on our Salzburg day on the Thursday, so it won't be the end of the world if we can't squeeze Nymphenburg in.

Dachau is a must-see for us, although we'll be doing Auschwitz too in September.
LadyCG Did you know the activity has a name; 'Dark Tourism',

Also, did you know that Munich houses arguably the greatest science museum in the world?
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I'm just reading a lot of stuff about the Nazis and the Holocaust at the moment, I wouldn't describe myself as a dark tourist though. I like my spas equally ;-)

Thanks for the mention of the Science Museum. I'll run that one past OH.
Neuschwanstein and Linderhof together are much more must-see than Nymphenburg, so leave it for another visit.
//Dachau is a must-see for us, although we'll be doing Auschwitz too in September.//
A lesser known Konzentration lager although arguably one of the first was Sachenhausen. A short train ride out of Berlin. This camp held,mainly political prisoners,Trade Unionists etc in the mid 30's but during the war they also held British commandos and air crew ,many of which were murdered there.
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Yes, I agree.

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I agree with jno!

We may consider that for the future, RC.

There are many German cities I want to visit, particularly Cologne.
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I watched the video in that link. Harrowing!
Very Sad.

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