River Colour

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bainbrig | 20:55 Wed 10th Oct 2018 | Travel
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What makes a river blue (like the Nile south of Luxor)? Is there something in the rocks?



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things are blue when the blue end of the spectrum is scattered more than the red end because it is a shorter wave length.
lot of different factors IMHO, not least what time of day and tide times
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The Nile. Blue sky, blue water.

The Thames. Blue sky, murky brown water.

So not a reflection then. (or, the sea, blue sky, green sea).

Caribbean, blue sky, blue sea.

A layman’s explanation please!
The reason the Caribbean sea is blue is because the sea bed is sand. You won't get a (pale) sea if the bed is rock
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Why is most sea off the UK greenish?

Why is most sea when seen from a plane greenish?

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River Colour

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