Southend On Sea To Sheerness

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fruitsalad | 12:41 Wed 11th Jul 2018 | Travel
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How far is Sheerness in Kent from Southend on Sea, one website is telling me its 1 hour 30 minutes away then another is telling me 7.5 miles it wouldn't take me 1 and half hours to drive 7.5 miles..very confused


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Probably 7.5 miles as the crow flies but the Thames Estuary is between them, so you have a long road trip.
Can you still get those amphi cars that go on roads and water ?
I’d avoid amphibious cars after a few years ago all over the news they were known to spontaneously combust and sink
It's not getting confused with Shoeburyness is it?
Shoeburyness is part of Southend borough, as to the distance about 3 miles is about right.
Time wise to travel by road you need to factor in queue delays for the Dartford crossing.
Yes you would have to travel along the A13 to the Dartford Crossing and then down the A2/A249 to Sheerness.

There has been a passenger ferry running from Southend to Sheppey since May but I'm not sure how it got on following its somewhat disastrous maiden voyage:

There is also a ferry service from Tilbury to Gravesend:

Both these services carry only foot passengers

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Southend On Sea To Sheerness

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