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whistonian | 13:51 Fri 06th Jul 2018 | Travel
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Anyone know where I can buy a cabin bag which complies with Ryan Air rules 35x20x20cm.


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Almost every street market in the country will have at least one stall where you can buy a barrel bag ( ), or something similar, that conforms to Ryanair's requirements. Just remember to take a tape measure with you when you go shopping!
I travel Ryanair and they've never checked my cabin bag.
Oh and I got mine from Tesco and Amazon. Hard shell, 4 wheels.
That's a very small bag. Is Ryanair really that tight?
I don't think they are. If you want cheap flights there has to be cuts somewhere. I'd rather take on less for a £9 flight.
Just be sure whatever bag you get you're not travelling the 12th, the Irish cabin crew or pilots are going on strike, it may make a difference to your travel plans if it spreads across Europe
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Yes Clover Ryan Air are that tight,their rules on cabin bags changed earlier this year.
Ummmm have you traveled this year? I travel in 2 weeks and it wasn't a cheap flight by any means.
they just don't have that much room in their overhead lockers, with the aircraft they use. But they don't want people to check luggagge in because loading and unloading takes time and makes flights late, which means the airports charge you more, which means fares go up.
Not this year yet, Whist. Where are you flying from/to? I usually fly from Luton to Knock.
And the cabin bags, you can get in much more than you think as long as you don't want to bring a load of shoes.
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Flying from Birmingham ummmm to Tenerife.
Remember that you can take a larger bag too, free of charge, if you're prepared to wait for it in the baggage reclaim area. (You simply take it to the gate, along with your small bag, and they put it in the hold).
The, price probably reflects the holiday season.

Chris I thought it was a cabin bag and a handbag, something that never used to be allowed.
As from January of this year, Ryanair customers who pay for 'Priority and 2 Cabin Bags' can take both a regular cabin bag and a much smaller bag (such as a handbag) into the cabin.

Customers who don't pay that charge can still travel with both bags (with no baggage charges) but the larger bag has to be presented at the gate (rather than 'checked in' on arrival at the airport) and is then put into the hold (meaning that the passenger will have to wait for it to arrive on the baggage carousel upon arrival).
I discovered that the cheapest way to travel on Ryan Air is to stand all the way & also to only use the outside toilets.
They do what they say on the tin and they have no hidden costs.

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