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keyplus90 | 13:13 Wed 04th Apr 2018 | Travel
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Hi, what is the affordable (cheaper) and better way to have city breaks of say 2, to 3 nights in European cities and near like North Africa etc. Mainly for a single person. Any tips will be appreciated.Thanks


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My sister and I are considering Jet2 offers. We've flown with them several times and found them very good and reasonable..
Check where RyanEasyJet2 fly to from your local airport - then use Skyscanner to look for cheap flights to a city you fancy - then search for places to stay with AirBnB (being careful not to get scammed).

Decide where you what to go and then do some research into hotels, flights etc and book it yourself. We've been to Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, Madrid and they are all wonderful cities. We're off to Seville this year and have always booked everything ourselves. Make sure you have travel insurance.
If you are unsure of booking yourself the Dail Mail do City Breaks to Europe which look pretty good
the cheapest way to do it is to go to cities that are maybe no so popular, but the cheap airlines fly to
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Thanks to all of you.
I've explored loads of European cities (very cheaply) on my own. I usually just do day trips but I've also stayed for a few nights sometimes.

I'd definitely recommend looking on the websites of the budget airlines for destinations that have got early flights out and late ones back (so that you can get the most of your limited time). As an example, you can fly out from Stansted to Madrid on 12 June at either 0625 or 0825 for £29.57 (arriving at 1000 or 1200). You could then return two days later (14 June), leaving at 1800 (arr 1930) for £21.99. Those flights would get you there in time for lunch on Day 1, with the afternoon and evening to explore the city. You'd then have all of Day 2 there, plus the morning of Day 3 (heading off to the airport after lunch).

You'd also need accommodation. This is my favourite site. (I've used it myself for accommodation in Madrid):
Don't be put off by the word 'hostel' in that URL. There are loads of cheap hotels and B&Bs on there too. Just carry out an initial search and then use the filters to look for the type of accommodation that you want.

( is worth a look too).

Using my example dates (and the Hostelworld website), you could stay in La Casa de la Plaza for £18.34 per night.

A 3-day 'T-dia' ticket, for unlimited travel on the Madrid Metro trains (as well as buses and trams), including travel to and from the airport, costs €35.40 (about £31).

So that's a 3-day (2-night) break in Madrid, with flights, accommodation and all local travel for about £120. If you eat in places like the very good "All U Can Eat" chain (where there's a wide range of food on offer, with coffee or soft drinks included, for €9.95) you needn't spend too much on food either.

That example took me less time to research than it did for me to type this post, so it's not hard to find a bargain. [If you need help, please let me the know the airport(s) that would suit you best].

Happy travelling!

(PS: For cheap travel insurance, try here: . I've just renewed my annual, multi-trip European cover with them for £15.91)
can't believe Buenchico wrote all that without once mentioning Barcelona (which is a fascinating city).

Keyplus, you might be interested in the Moorish heritage of southern Spain, especially Seville, Cordoba and Granada. Very beautiful cities.
^^^ I chose Madrid as my example simply because I've actually stayed there myself, Jno. I've visited Barcelona several times but only on day trips. (It's superb!).

If Keyplus80 wants helping finding cheap city breaks I can suggest loads but I'll need to know which departure airport(s) are suitable first. (It would also help to know if he's got a car or whether he's be taking public transport to the airport. Cheap early morning flights cease to be cheap if, because there's no train early enough, an overnight hotel stay is needed).
I only mention it because you so seldom omit to sing Barcelona's praises!
Cheaper and better are not mutually exclusive, but the odds on having an "adventure" rather than a "break" tend to shorten with the price.
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Thanks Chris, that's absolutely nice example and a couple of good websites you told me about. Personally, Stansted is a little away from my home but I may have a go. I live in Hounslow not far from Herathrow, however even Gatwick suits me as it only takes less than an hour by train. However I could even drive.

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