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langara | 10:37 Thu 22nd Feb 2018 | Travel
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Anyone know the cheapest ferry crossing to the Isle of Wight in August. With car. Thanks


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I think it's the world's most expensive stretch of water to cross by car !
Many of the hotels / guest houses offer a deal including ferry fare. May be worth investigating.
i think red funnel are probably a bit cheaper than wightlink, but i guess it will depend on how important price is to you, and where you want to leave from/go to. unpopular times might save you a few quid too.
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Prices vary by time of day, together with the number of passengers in your car, etc.

However, looking at some sample dates in August (and assuming that you don't want to travel around either dawn or midnight), you're looking at a typical return fare of around £208 on the Fishbourne to Portsmouth route (with Wightlink) but perhaps only £197 on the Southampton to East Cowes route (with Red Funnel). The Lymington to Yarmouth route (Wightlink) is coming up far cheaper though, at around £104.00.

The other routes to the island only accept foot passengers.

NB: Some economy fares are already close to being sold out. Book early!
You can swap Tesco vouchers for triple their value for Wightlink ferries
Yes indeed, mile for mile the cost of crossing to the Isle of wight is the most expensive in the world. The round trip between Portsmouth and Fishbourne is about fourteen miles. At the two hundred quid mentioned that is £14 a mile. Transatlantic Concorde flights were about £2 a mile (agreed - they did not take your car). A more appropriate comparison is the route from Plymouth to Santander. That round trip is a little short of 1,000 miles. The dearest peak time fare I can see for a car and two people is £950 - about £1 a mile.

The cost of the crossings to the IoW is a scandal. The Caulkheads and the Overners deserve a better deal.

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