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pjgriffo | 20:27 Wed 14th Feb 2018 | Travel
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Anybody know if the construction work at Faro Airport is complete , or if any semblance of normality has been restored.


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Not sure but this piece suggest that quite a lot was completed (New Terminal opened) in 2017.

Some latest Skytrax reviews may suggest need to improve some aspects but not necessarily those in connection with the "construction" work.
The new terminal came into operation last July but, at that time, the retail area and food court were described as "still in finishing phase":

However the 'Services & Shopping' section of the airport's website seems to suggest that everything is now up and running:
I can't vouch for shopping/eating facilities (which I always completely ignore unless there is an airline paid food search) but the passage through the airport on departure and arrival is clear of the previous construction work. To me, there is no great difference in the feel of passing through the airport but it feels roomier and rather more "user friendly". The area outside the terminal, the roadways, car parks, etc. are very different from the way they were before the work started.

It's Portuguese....will it ever be finished? Second only to a Greek one....

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Faro Airport

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