Edinburgh Hotels During August

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carolminniemouse | 10:27 Thu 11th Jan 2018 | Travel
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Comparing hotel prices in Edinburgh for two night - first in May = £126, second in August = £315 for same hotel. Is this legal? Would appreciate any advice on booking in Edinburgh at festival time. Thank you.


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Avatar Image lots here..if you need info about locations get back to me
10:48 Thu 11th Jan 2018
yes, it's legal.
Peak period and they need to make their money somehow.
if you really want to come for the festival expect price hikes.. better to look at hotels on the outskirts and bus in...much better option..I shall find a few links for places for you to consider
My advice would be to get a B&B somewhere outside the capital and get the train in each day.

Edinburgh's probably second only to London in believing in their entitlement to rip off their visitors.

Maybe also give some thought to bypassing the whole festival thing, which is pretty much the same old stuff every year, and seeing something more of this beautiful country
good park and rides available and daily/weekly bus pass too which allows unlimited bus hopping.. if you need any local advice FAO me !

lots here..if you need info about locations get back to me
you think it might be illegal to cut your prices in May?
and if you find something you like..don't hang it ! longer you wait more difficult it will become..
Surely a hotel can charge what they like so how can it not be legal.

If people don't book at that higher price they reduce their price.

Airlines do the same, nothing illegal about it.
Nothing legal that I can see....that is how supply and demand works !
Of course it's legal, ditto school holiday flights etc., nothing mess than market forces. I would point out too that you have to go a long way out for the Festival effect on prices to diminish!
Less, not mess.

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Edinburgh Hotels During August

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