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RSDonovan | 12:52 Fri 09th Jun 2017 | Travel
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My daughter is EasyJet flight crew. One of her perks is that she can get standby tickets for designated people and she bought me a flight to Mallorca tomorrow from Gatwick.

I've never used standby and apparently I have to present myself to the airside counter, get a standby ticket (non electronic), then pass thru security and go to the gate where they will put me on a wait list.

Q1 - is it first come, first served? I.E. if I arrive a lot earlier than necessary will this increase my chance of getting on, or is that just a waste of time?

Q2 - if there are no standby sears available, can I "upgrade" to a paid seat (that doesn't make a lot of sense, I know, but many things airlines do aren't logical so I thought I'd ask anyway!)

Q3 - I really need to get to PMI tomorrow so if I'm unlucky, I'll pay. But I will be airside. Can I buy a ticket airside, or if not I guess I'll have to return landslide and go through security yet again!

Any other tips or hacks gratefully received!



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Are you sure it's an airside counter? If you buy it before Security then that's landside. Most airlines prioritise boarding by seniority which is date of joining rather than first come, first served and if the flight is busy, they won't board staff until the last minute anyway. Iwould get there earlyish and ask what the loads are like and how many other staff are trying to get on and if it lookes like you have no chance, then buy a full fare ticket.

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Easyjet Standby Tickets

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