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WELSHYORKIE | 07:50 Thu 23rd Feb 2017 | Travel
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Considering going on a spring weekend away to Majorca back end of March/beginning of April. Anyone know if the resorts are open or would Palma be the better choice? What's the weather like at this time of year and has anyone got any recommendation with regards to a nice but not too expensive hotel. Thanking you in advance for any info.


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I stayed in Majorca, on the eastern side, last end of March, the weather was lovely, very pleasant to be , a lot of the shops and restaurants were closed but were getting ready for the Easter weekend when everything opens. I booked an hotel/flight through Easyjet holidays, and also booked a taxi pick up with them. I would think there is likely to be more open in Palma at that time.
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Thanks for that, Jamesnan, much appreciated. We were a little concerned that cafes and restaurants may not be open out of Palma hence the reason for staying there.
what's the budget per night roughly, welshie.... Given the time of year and the discounts going, I would look at the hotels and then call them and see what they can do - remember you are saving them on-line fees and often they will upgrade you for the same price.
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Because we've got cheap flights with Ryanair, we've got a budget of around £80/night but could stretch that if 'the right place' comes along!
and this one is more expensive, may be worth contacting them......

Have you seen the Posada.....I stayed there many years ago but not at the price it is today -

However, both may have long weekend deals.....
and the real getaway if you want peace and countryside

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Thanks DT and ZM - will have a look at all of those over the weekend. Sorry for the delay in replying - internet went t**s up!!
hotel in muh-jorker ?
I thought everyone spent all night drinking in the bars
and throwing up in the gutters
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Pedant by name.............
If it's just a weekend break then somewhere like Can Pastilla, Santa Ponsa or Palma Nova would be your best bet. Not too far from airport, good transport links and would be cheaper than Palma. All should have places open. The weather is hit or miss at this time of year, could be very nice in the day time but cool at night but could also be cold and wet. Santa Ponsa has a number of places open all year as it has good community of locals and ex pats. Palma would have more going on and if you can find cheap hotel then this would be best as easy to get to many places from here. The train trip to Soller and the Port is a good day out if you have the time.
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Thanks all for the info - managed to get a good deal at the JS Palma Stay in Can Pastilla half out 29th and am I looking forward to it!

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Hotels In Majorca

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