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ozmeister | 20:53 Mon 08th Aug 2016 | Travel
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Anybody help please, due to go to Mexico shortly, been told by numerous people that there is an exit tax of c£45 per person payable in cash (Peso) on departure, we are travelling with Thomas Cook who are insistent that our package price includes all entry and departure taxes (I even have a printed web-chat between our travel agent and Thomas Cook to confirm this), is there anybody out there who has traveled to Mexico (recently) with Thomas Cook who can confirm that they didn't have to pay it and if so how do they differentiate at the airport ? Thanks.


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According to this, Thomas Cook have included the departure tax in their prices since 1st May last year:

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Can't speak about Mexico but I went o Cuba with Thos Cook earlier this year and the departure tax was included. I'd been previous years and iit was not, meaning I had to queue up to pay my 25 CuCs.
Wow, taxing someone to leave. Must speak volumes for the state of the place ! No wonder they are all trying to cross over to the north, tax free.
I once had to pay a departure tax - I think it was Albania. Only about a tenner, though.
Albania is a very odd place - can't recommend it unless you like Roman ruins and spectacularly pot-holed roads.
Why would anyone want to go on holiday to a place that doesn't let you leave until you have paid a bribe ?
Many countries charge a departure tax - you just don`t see it because it`s incorporated into the airline ticket. I remember queueing at a little booth in Australia and Antigua (to name a couple) to cough up departure tax.
Have also paid departure tax at Knock airport, Ireland which was termed an 'airport development fee'!
“Many countries charge a departure tax…””

Including the UK. And it’s a bit more than a tenner:

It’s because it’s called “air passenger duty” (rather than "departure tax") and, as 237 says, it is included in your ticket that it's not seen in the same light. So you see, Mikey, you have to pay a bribe to leave the UK :-)
"Why would anyone want to go on holiday to a place that doesn't let you leave until you have paid a bribe ? " - been over the Severn bridge back to England lately mikey? PMSL. Anyway what happens if you don't pay? stay there indefinitely?
Mikey - you have to pay a departure tax leaving Ireland of 10 euro pp.
you don't go there in the first place, TTT? I thought mikey's post was pretty clear. Happily, you can always swim to England.
there's a list here - it looks out of date, as Mexico's is much less than now; but if Thomas Cook say they'll pay it for you, then I assume they will
And leaving Ireland you have to pay in cash at the airport.
We pay £10 to leave Norwich airport! No-one dare say 'That sounds like a bargain' or I'll high-six you.
Yes but that's only if you want to go to Great Yarmouth, zebo ! :-))

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Departure Tax Mexico - Thomas Cook

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