Quieter Parts Of Cornwall?

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4candles | 12:01 Sun 17th Jul 2016 | Travel
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Thinking of a week or two self catering in Cornwall before autumn arrives, but we don't like busy crowded places. Any quieter parts of the county - good for coastal/woodland walks?


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15:12 Sun 17th Jul 2016
I think the nearer you get to Land's End, the quieter it is.
Marshwarble is right !
Working/Conservation self catering holiday on Looe.
The author of this book is a life long school friend of my wife.
Great down the Lizard.
I think the nearer you get to mid-February (but before half term) the quiter it is.
Didn't see yours before I posted Retro. Some lovely cliff walks and secluded coves down there.
Ahh, just had a look Retro Looe is lovely but it isn't on the Lizard.
If you want woodland walks you`d be better off going to Devon.
Anywhere on the Lizard will be fine. If you are going self-catering, than you will want some shops near-by and Penzance is just down the road, and its a nice town anyway...Newlyn and Mousehole are close by.

Kynance Cove and the other coves on the Lizard will keep you occupied for a week at least. You are within striking distance of both the North and South coast of Cornwall.

But if you anything in school holidays periods, they may be already be snapped up. September would be a nice time to go.
I quite like Poughill. It`s quite a pretty place. There`s the Preston Gate Inn and Northcott Mouth beach and you can go up to Hartland Quay or south and further into Cornwall
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Thanks to everyone - some food for thought there.
If you turn left just after the Tamar Bridge and go down towards Torpoint and Antony that area is also quieter. Also saves you having to battle through the traffic once the A38 starts getting slower.
Thank you for the BA xx

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Quieter Parts Of Cornwall?

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