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keyplus90 | 19:11 Thu 30th Jun 2016 | Travel
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I am planning to drive to Scotland during Summer holidays with my two teenage sons. It will be about 4 to 5 days trip and I have never been there before. Mainly to see sceneries and bit of cities too. Any suggestions about what to see, what route to drive to see the most and where to stay?

I am based in London. Thanks.


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Perthshire is a great place to tour around. Perth and Kinross covers an area from the central belt to the highlands with plenty to see and do without too many narrow roads and long distances (once you arrive in our fair country that is).
Perth itself is nice, Dundee, City of Discovery is nearby the list is almost endless.
For comprehensive information try:

Enjoy your visit and don't forget your waterproofs. :-)
.. dont forget your midgie repelent !
...and your passport :-)
West side is the best side. A82
I enjoyed the scenery around the Skye coastline when I was there.
I recall a pleasant boat trip to Tobermory and back one day too.
Not that I'm an expert; have only gone that far north once :-)
Dundee has RSS Discovery

I've been on it.

Glasgow - Science Centre (been there!)

Edinburgh - Castle, Scot Monument, Royal Observatory - seen them all.

Stirling - Wallace Monument

Bannockburn - battle site/exhibition

Inverness - Loch Ness

Culloden - battlefield site/exhibition

Aviemore - the Cairngorms

Tomintoul - more of the Cairngorms

Braemar - Glenshee, Balmoral Castle

Orkney - prehistoric sites

West Coast - the islands

Plan your route carefully to make best use of your time. No motorways north of Glasgow and Edinburgh - A9 to Inverness, A90 to Aberdeen are fast roads.

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I have never been there but Brexit made me think. I might as well, before passport does become necessary, lol.
If you come up to Perthshire you may need to wear some warm clothing and, maybe, waterproofs.

Enjoy your trip - are you taking Mrs Keyplus too?
I have driven to Perthshire from Hertfordshire several times. It is a LONG drive. It will take most of a day to drive there allowing for stops. The same to come back again. A lot of people underestimate the time it takes to drive there. You will need a good night's sleep after driving there so don't plan on arriving and just going straight off on your tour. 4 to 5 days is that including getting there and back? If so it only really gives you 2 or 3 days actual holiday time. I would extend it to a week with one day travel each way.
The only passport needed by visitors from the soft south is a smile, Keyplus. :)
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Hi Keyplus. If you pick off peak days in the week you should get cheap flights from Stansted to Edinburgh. Have a day sightseeing in Edinburgh, which is great. I would avoid August as it's the Festival and prices are through the roof. I had a look at car hire and you can get a hire car for 4/5 days at a really good rate. Saves all that driving and you can enjoy Scotland feeling relaxed. Give us a wave if you pass the Kingdom of Fife
I love the north - into Inverness and then, allowing for a wee detour to Elgin and a night in somewhere like Craigellachie, a strike out for Tain, on up the east coast to Helmsley - cross over to the west coast, Lochinver, and meander south towards Oban.....perhaps a detour on to Skye. Stunning - but not cheap. Could return from Glasgie or Edinburgh, Stirling worth a detour too.
We don't go all the way up on the A1, we use the A68 after Scotch Corner, a lovely leisurely drive and some fantastic switchbacks. It goes through Jedburgh, a very pretty spot, it also gives the chance of seeing some great places on the way up, Kielder Water is amazing and Corbridge is well worth stopping off. It's a long way from London and I would consider breaking the journey. Glad someone got there before me on midge spray, try Avon bath oil, worked a treat in India.
most deffo west coast, syke area - perfect with a bit of edinburgh thrown in
Perhshire and the whole of the central belt plus the eastern half of the country is effectively midgie free. The west coast north of Glasgow and the islands have midgies which can be a real pain - but the thing to be aware of is that they do not bother you indoors. Avon Skin So Soft (in addition to bath oil mentioned above) is a reknowned repellent but others also help. All of the suggestions you have are worth considering and I would add the boat lift in Falkirk. But the scenery is arguably most spectacular in the Western Highlands and then I would recommend Fort William and Ben Nevis plus the Ardnamurchan peninsula.
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Wolf – No she will not be going as she is not so keen on camping and on the other hand has just been to Dubai in April and boys didn’t go. Perhaps next time.

Eddie – I thought about that and therefore we may stop somewhere around Manchester, Blackpool (Or any other suggested place) for one night and then drive on. Our days are flexible and I know it will take perhaps a day each side for driving.

Douglas – I am a Gold passport holder when it comes to smiles. I should be fine then.

Mazie – That’s a good idea but I love driving and I have an automatic VW Transporter which is good for long drives.

I am really thankful to everyone for so much information and now I will print this and give it to my kids to go through and plan. I know, one of them is very keen about Loch ness.

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