Fear Of Flying Courses... Has Anyone Been On One?

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dalebillster | 17:45 Thu 19th May 2016 | Travel
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Hi AB'ers, it's been a while since i last posted on here but it's always a useful place to come. I was listening to Jeremy Vine on radio 2 earlier today and they were talking about fear of flying, a woman called in explaining she had been on a 'fear of flying' course. I'm absolutely terrified of flying and i'm due to go to Thailand at the end of the year. Has anyone been on one of these courses or know of anyone that has? i'm wondering if they're any good & if it worked for them. Main flight companies are offering them upwards of £200 for a 1 day course...


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Jude!!!!!! You're supposed to be offering words of encouragement not discouragement.

Try a course dalebillster, I don't know much about them, but do try.
I'm terrified of flying and really don't see how a course can help. The reason we are scared is because of crashing, I just don't see how you come to terms with that.

I know you're more likely to get killed on an escalator or in some other obscure way but the fear remains.

The only thing I can offer you is that you can't be worried for 12 hours. I've been to Thailand 3 times and on each occasion the fear has waned within the first couple of hours, you won't have the energy to keep it up for that long.

Good luck and enjoy Thailand.
You come to terms with it by realising and understanding at a deep level that it is still the safest form of transport. Any other that you have no issue with, is more perilous.

That needs to get to your subconscious so you don't spend time fretting, and encouraging it to continually bring imagined events to mind.
"I gave up flying last year because of all the terrorist threats..."

Even with those threats, the most hazardous part of a journey from the UK involving air travel is getting to the airport. Manage that and you're home and dry.
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I know that, but dalebillster is scared of flying not the terrorists!!!

Jude , you are trolling someone's thread in Travel , stick to your own scaremongering thread running in News.
I just mentioned on the other thread that you are 1,000s of times more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the airport than to die in a plane crash once you get there.
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.....a pilot on a suicide mission.... a moment ago it was terrorists!!!

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Fear Of Flying Courses... Has Anyone Been On One?

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