Cost Del Sol In February

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jomifl | 20:30 Wed 23rd Mar 2016 | Travel
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Mrs. Jom and I are planning on renting a town house or villa on the Costa del Sol next February for a bit of winter warmth and sunshine. Being unfamiliar with this part of Spain I was wondering if any of you well travelled Abers could recommend a town that is more Spanish than tourist and that has some life in the off season, ie. has a some bars and restaurants open. It must be on or near the coast to optimise the warmth and not up in the hills . Ta muchly in advance.


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Be aware it can be cold and wet in February. But it could be beautiful !
I would not touch Spain in February if you are looking for "guaranteed " winter warmth and sunshine.
Too right Sqad. We have had the fire lit every night nearly since december.
Actually Sam, her in the Balearics it has been a sensational winter, but March has seen temps plummet.

The jomifls are looking for "guaranteed" good weather.
Hang on here .
You mean it gets cold in spain ?
We also had beautiful weather most of the time. But people come expecting summer weather, we see them walking about in their shorts and sleeveless t shirts as we walk past in jumpers with long sleeved vests underneath ! Bet you do too. This week hasn't been nice , but a couple of sundays ago we were on the beach in a chiringuito.
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We aren't planning a beach holiday, just somewhere a bit warmer than home. Most of our local restaurateurs vanish on their holidays in Feb.
Maybe you should consider the Canary Islands jomifl ? Weather seems pretty constant there, although it could be wet there too in february.
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The average maximum on the Costa is 7C warmer and the average minimum is 5C warmer than SW France. I can rent for £1000 a month drive there in a day. I have friends who have wintered near Almeria for the last 2 winters and they (from N.Wales) found the weather 'lush'.
Why not go just beyond the end of the Costa del Sol, to Malaga?
(Everyone knows the name, simply because the airport serving the Costa is there but the city itself is hardly known to many Brits).
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We will go wherever seems best, the Costa del Sol was just an approximate target area.
I totally agree with Buenchico. Malaga is absolutely great, very Spanish and loads to do whatever the weather. Bars and restaurants etc will all be open as it's mainly Spaniards in Malaga rather than tourists.
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Thanks for the positive input buenchico and diddlydoo, Malaga is now top of the list.

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Cost Del Sol In February

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