Chester Zoo For A Disabled Person

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Eve | 11:52 Sun 20th Mar 2016 | Travel
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Hi, I haven't been for quite a few years since my mobility issues got much worse. I use a walking stick but from memory it's way too big for me to be able to see much of it, even with my stick due to pain and fatigue and my mobility issues.

I've seen you can hire wheelchairs and mobility scooters in advance and was wondering if anyone has any experience of how easy it would be to get around with a wheelchair/scooter, whether there are parts which are still not very accessible in practice or if views would be restricted. I've had a look on the website but was interested for anyone who had done it in practice.

I would get someone to come with me so not on my own and would hope to go on a weekday when it should hopefully be quieter than on a weekend.

Thanks for any help :)


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i've not been to chester zoo for more than 20 years so couldn't provide a contemporary account - but here's an online review by an independent group:-
I went there 4 years ago ish and I found it easy to walk round with my sticks, lots of benches to rest on.

If you borrow a scooter the few places that you can't take the scooter into you could walk into with your sticks.
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Thanks for that :) Great to see a review of people who have been.

I really can't walk very far and the place is so big and I'd be worrying about walking so far I'd struggle to get back (moreso not going very far because of that) so a scooter does sound better, also means nobody has to push me round. I think I'd enjoy the day more than keeping on having to stop and rest and limiting where I can go and the pain from the walking (with having to get home too).

I does sound really well set up though looks like booking well in advance is key for the scooter.
I have to admit Eve it took me all day to do the zoo as it involved lots of rests but I did and felt very proud.

Hire the scooter and just get off when you need too - as I said take your stick for the few exhibits that you can't take a scooter (these are few and far between)

Most of all enjoy and report back.

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Chester Zoo For A Disabled Person

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