Flying Scotsman 23/01/16

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Jonathan-Joe | 12:56 Sat 16th Jan 2016 | Travel
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Those interested in the route and timings of the Flying Scotsman next Saturday see here;show=all&order=wtt&toc=WR
5Z61,and 5Z61 show the timings of empty stock from / to Carnforth.
1Z61 and 1Z63 show the timings along the routes outwards and inwards.
There is, of course, no guarantee that these will be maintained.


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Sorry to be dim but my son has just asked me what DUGL means in the timetable and I have no answer
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DUGL = Down and Up Goods Loop, where the train can stand clear of the running lines.[email protected]/12582815744
Have the day in June marked on my calendar for N. Wales. The 15tht. Oy Jo.Joe That is my birthday in big red letters.
Thanks Jonathan-Joe , Another thing to add to my list of things I never knew
I am hearing that Scotsman has brake problems and may not run on Saturday
This is a must for New Judge. If he pops up on another thread can one of us draw his attention to this please?
Yes I did, thanks retro.

I believe in late Feb it is to make a run from Kings Cross to York. I have a number of favoured viewing spots on that route (as does my nephew who is a fellow - but very much more junior - gricer. We're going to try to see it then as the Frozen North, where it is at the moment, is a bit out of the way for us.
it is likely, all being well, that 4472 will take the place of 46233 on the Cumbrian Mountain Express on feb 6th. if it does, it means that "flying scotsman" and "royal scot" will both be making their main line (re) debuts on the same day, with both trains leaving Crewe within minutes of each other.
Ah Crewe sheds mushroom many happy hours spent as a boy watching them raise steam and waiting for the trains to come through. A train spotting book was like a passport back when. The railway workers would let us have a good look around if we were well behaved and didn't get in the way. We even used to be allowed to travel by the guards if we showed our trainspotting logs from Longport station and back.
Yes Togo, happy days indeed.

I still have my 1961 Ian Allan "Combined" volume, complete with all my "cops" (including 60103) underlined. I still use it to crib the answers to the crossword in Railway Magazine but have to be a bit careful as it is becoming a little fragile.

I never made it to Crewe in those days. I lived in North London and Liverpool Street and Kings Cross were my main patches. "Top Shed" (34A) at Kings Cross was bunked into so many times we got to know the staff there and, as you say, so long as you behaved yourself they turned a blind eye (up to a point!). I often wandered along to Euston so I did see plenty of stuff, including many of the "Royal Scot" and "Coronation" classes that had come down from the North on the WCML
Flying Scotsman withdrawn on Saturday January 23

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Flying Scotsman 23/01/16

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