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Eve | 15:04 Sun 30th Aug 2015 | Travel
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Hi, I'm hoping to do a few days out with family/friends or alone as getting a bit of cabin fever and looking for some ideas for places which aren't too expensive (good offers welcome) and are suitable for limited mobility as I walk with a walking stick so not loads of walking, easy to get to and not too far from public transport, plenty of places to sit down and quite compact walking wise, preferably limited changing on trains/buses etc...

Just had a couple of days out with help and determined to plan some more.

I used to do lots of day trips but back when I could do a lot of walking.

Camera friendly places would be good as my poor camera had been neglected lately. Used to love pottering about with my camera.

I quite fancy Chatsworth House but it looks tricky on public transport and I'm not sure how much walking would be involved.

Any ideas welcome :)


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Also happy for ideas for websites to sign up to or recommended coach trip firms.
Check out Jodrell Bank Eve - some lovely gardens to sit in and the visitor centre is good, cafe etc.

You'd have to check re transport.
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Ooh thanks Mamya :) Remember going years ago with my ex but we didn't spend long there. I'm sure we went to a lovely garden centre nearby too. We drive but will check out public transport.
obvs don't know where your are in GM, but central manc to chatsworth would involve one change at bakewell by bus, or one change in sheffield by train & bus. it's the 218 sheffield to bakewell service in both cases, which drops you at the house drive, every hour.
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Thanks for that :) I'm in South Manchester so not far into the city centre and can get the tram to Piccadilly or Victoria from Piccadilly Gardens. Always fancied it. Is the drive very long to the house walking wise? Remember getting a lift then shuttle bus up to Lyme Park some years ago.
chatsworth's own website says "short walk" - when set against the alternative of alighting at Baslow and walking via Goose Green (which is about 2km) what they say is a short walk is probably only a few hundred metres. note also if arriving by bus 218, showing your ticket and discount voucher (available from bus information points) will get you £2 off the admission price. :-)
Lots depends on your interests Eve. Maybe try one of the guided walks
Which tick the box of being on transport routes, but different.

The museums and galleries in Manchester are knock-out, and free entry, so if you haven't explored in a while try the one on Oxford Road, the City Art Gallery, the People's History Museum, the Science & Industry Museum

If you get to Salford Crescent Station, Peel Park with its museum is nearby on the Salford University campus

Ordsall Hall is fascinating if you like old buildings but not the easiest to get to - and sadly in a fairly run-down area
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Thanks for the tip about the ticket price! Sure they have a café or something there too so can break up the walking.

I should get about the local bits more, did the Science and Industry Museum and Imperial War Museum but both quite a while ago now.

Fancy the costume gallery and People's History Museum, always forget about that one! Definitely easy to get there.

Can't believe I didn't know there was a museum at Peel Park, considering I went past it so often when I lived in Salford, albeit on the bus.

Ordsall isn't the nicest area but the Hall does look nice. Will look into that too :)
taking the hope valley local train (every 2 hours) from picc, reddish north, bredbury or new mills central gets you to Edale, the station is a short walk from the village and the peak park visitor centre; alternatively stay on the train to hope, walk to the main road (no more than 6mn) and take the bus to castleton, the bus terminus is right in the village. if you don't fancy the walk in hope on the return journey, take the bus right through to sheffield and pick up a fast train back to stockport or piccadilly. delightful scenery all the way, lots to see and plenty of lunch opportunities.
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Thanks for that, I did go a few years back with my camera and went for quite a nice walk round there. Castleton is lovely and would like to go back there, went via car last time (got some walking friends to drop me off and pick me up after) and really enjoyed it, great to know how to get there on public transport, thank you :)
Imperial War Museum at Salford Quays is well worth a visit.
Free entrance and just a short walk from the tram stop.

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