Highest road and highest capital in Europe

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murvic | 00:29 Mon 19th Sep 2005 | Travel
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What is the highest road in Europe ?

Also what is the highest capital city in Europe?


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Definitions come into play here. What exactly constitutes a road? Is it a track which only donkeys can use? What about a rough road only suitable for Land Rovers? The usual answer is the PIco Veleta in Spain (in the mountains inland from the Costa del Sol) but if you put "highest road in Europe" into a search engine (remember the quote marks) you'll come up with lots of other roads which claim to be the highest.

If you'd have just asked for the highest city, there would be more problems with definitions. (There's no international definition of what makes a city different from a town). The residents of Davos (Switzerland) claim to live in the highest city but those who live in Briancon (France) offer a different definition of 'city' which, they say, makes them the highest. Fortunately, you've simplified things by asking for the highest capital city. There doesn't seem to be any dispute here - It's Madrid.

There is some dispute - Andorra la Vella is the highest capital in Europe at 1030m.

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Highest road and highest capital in Europe

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