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keyplus90 | 11:40 Mon 27th Apr 2015 | Travel
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Further to my previous request where I did receive lots of information. Here I have only one more question.

I have found a good price short break in New York but flight will go to Newark Liberty airport instead of JK Kennedy. Hotel is in Manhatton near Central Park. Is this Airport too far or is it just like our Stanstead or Gatwick. I have never been to USA before so have no idea.


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If you go into Google Maps and search for Newark Airport you get a map of New York and a sign saying where the airport is.

It is very close to Manhattan (it is Manhattan not Manhatton).

In fact I think it is closer to Manhattan than JFK is.
EWR is 19 miles from manhattan - a cab will cost between $40 and $75 depending on time of day. your hotel may subscribe to one of the private shuttles that run between EWR and Manhattan - it's worth asking.
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Thanks. Good.
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Good, Thanks Mush.
Let us know how you get, I would like to do a New York break my self.
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Sure, Eddie. But I am planning during the Holidays in August as I am taking two of my teenagers (Super heroes mad) sons.
It`s only about 45 mins from Newark to Manhattan. It`s a much better airport to come into - the immigration queues at JFK are horrendous and it`s not unusual to taxi for about 45 minutes when trying to take off out of the place.
Hi Keyplus..we flew into Newark... got on fine... took us about 45 mins to get to our hotel.. we were right in Times Square.. when you come out of the airport, looking for a taxi.. go to the ladies dressed in yellow... they will team you up with a 'legitimate' yellow cab...and they agree the price with you before hand and give it to the taxi driver..we loved it there hope you enjoy it
There's an express bus service from the airport to Manhattan:
Never had any immigration queue at JFK and its only about 10 mins difference in travel time.
I used Newark and didn't take long to get in. I used the taxi marshall people who agreed a price in advance though we had to pay tolls on top of that and there is a bit tipping culture and you are meant to tip a certain amount on top of the fare as standard - if you don't, they are likely to tell you so!

Make sure you have lots of change on you as unless it's a large amount, you aren't likely to get much change back anywhere service wise and make sure you have lots of dollar bills handy for tips and get a good handle on how much you are meant to tip for what (per drink in a bar, taxis, food etc...).

If you don't want to pay for bellhops to take your bags anywhere, keep a good grip on them as if they help you then they will expect a tip over a certain minimum. Depending on the hotel, there may be a clamour to get your bags if you put them down.

It's an amazing place though! If you want the Empire State, go early and don't get ripped off with the street touts. It takes a fair while to get up top with scanners and different elevators, regardless of the queue.

Top of the Rock is great at night and some of the bus tours are fantastic, we got a package deal and did uptown and Harlem, downtown and Brooklyn and a night one (including the Hulton Ferry crossing for the skyline at night). Some of the tour guides are fantastic (and encourage tips :)).

If you don't want the cost of Ellis Island for the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry gives a good view and it's free!
It's about 25 miles, roughly the same as JFK. I took the coach as Buenchico advises; no problem. But I don't think they go near Central Park so you may need a regular bus or metro when you reach Manhattan.
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I feel very well equipped now. Thanks to all of you.
enjoy your holiday! It's a great place to visit.
JFK is a 40 min cab ride into the city from the east, Newark is about the same distance from the west. Newark also has the benefit if being close to Penn Station so you can catch a train into the city: but most people take a taxi. As your hotel is up near the Park, which is around 60th, and the train will come into 34th you would still need to catch a cab from 34th to 60th.

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