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keyplus90 | 21:17 Sun 22nd Mar 2015 | Travel
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I am planning to take my two teens (sons) for a short trip to New York during Summer holidays (July, August). As I have never travelled to USA before, I have a few questions,

1 - First of all when is it better to travel, July or August when it comes to cost of flights and hotel etc.

2 - What is the better way. Should I book a package (flight and hotel) or just book cheap flight and then look for hotel etc.



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2 I would go for the package of flight and hotel. As you have not been to the USA previously, this could save you a bit of hassle.
I agree. Then you will be taken from the airport to the hotel and have everything taken care of. Incidently, don't forget travel insurance !
school age? If not, early july will be cheaper
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Thanks for the responses.

Age, is 19 and 17 and they do go to Uni and school. so it will have to be in holidays.
Keep in mind that the 4th of July is a major holiday here in the U.S. I see it's on a Saturday this year, so the City will be extremely busy and filled to overflowing from at least Friday through Sunday.

The fireworks display over the Statue of Liberty is amazing and has no parallel, at least here in the U.S. Zillions of other things to see and do, of course.

July and August are the hottest months on the east coast, with lots humidity… so come prepared. There are no other holidays until late in August or early September.

Welcome to the U.S.!
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I have just quickly checked a few websites and it seems a bit cheaper from mid August onward and flight and BB mainly in Long Island area are around £2000.

Is long Island central?
No. It`s a bit out in the sticks. You want to be in Manhattan really.
I would usually agree with SJ, but if you looking for something certainly acceptable, a little (or a lot) less expensive and don't mind a fairly convenient subway ride, you could do worse than Long Island.

New York city is divided into Boroughs (sort of like Counties) and Long Island is made up of four of those Boroughs with the western most part of the Island being the New York Cities Boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn.

Check here to see about subways… a whole heck of a lot cheaper than cabs!
Long Island isn't "the sticks", but it is not midtown Manhattan. Your best bet away from Manhattan would be Brooklyn Heights ( a walk or short train ride to lower Manhattan) or DUMBO(down under the Manhattan bridge)...both areas with their own attractions including good food,art galleries and a bit of history.
PS...I grew up on
Long Island,and lived/worked in Brooklyn Heights.
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My boys are super hero fans and probably know more than I do that where to go in New York. Of course you want to go towards main attractions so where are main attraction mainly? I know Central Park is always in the movies.
Here's a good source to begin your plan:

Of course, a visit to the Ground Zero Memorial is de rigueur… and if it was me and family, I certainly catch a Yankees game… but that may not be of interest to our British cousins...
There is so much to choose from,and the sights are spread across a huge area...match what you want to see with location.

More attractions...

Don't expect to take in more than 2-3 in a day.
You are of course aware of the universal visa requirement - called "ESTA Registration" in order to get around international treaties ? For reasons that may be obvious,I advise you, keyplus, to complete this for all travellers BEFORE making any travel arrangements, ensuring that there is no obstacle for any of you to get onto a flight at the UK end, don't risk that kind of disappointment.

There is a lot to see and do within the US and you are unlikely to meet any Americans who are anything but friendly and gregarious, but I find the visa requirement (and going through US immigration) so objectionable that I have stopped going there (I have relatives there and have been many times to various parts). Have a really good holiday, best wishes.
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Thanks to all of you and I believe there is enough information to help me decide.

Karl. Thanks for that and I will look into it.

I do have one final question without sounding stupid. Do we still need Visa on British Passport? Or is it entry on arrival?
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OK. ESTA is a visa system. Just checked it after I posted my above post.
Wear your UJack here & give us a wave, enjoy ;)
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Ok, I will do that.
this is the official ESTA page

beware - there are other scam pages that will get the Estas for you but grossly overcharge.

They're good for multiple trips over a couple of years.

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