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bednobs | 21:51 Thu 01st Jan 2015 | Travel
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has anyone been on one? I don't normally buy the sun, and if i'm completely honest would not normally go to a caravan site for a holiday in the uk. However, i am suddenly poor, but want a holiday to look forward to!
1) how likely you get the place of your choice?
2) what sort of dates? Do they only offer summer holidays holidays?
3) where abouts are the sites?
4)how does it work, and how many suns will i have to buy?


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I looked at this last year - loads of sites, dates in school holidays and out of them. You can 'cheat' and buy Sun+ (I think it's called). The sites are all Haven, etc and cover the country and there are even some abroad.
The dates are usually 'out of season'.
We have used them on several occasions; Ayr, Edinburgh, Prestatyn and Scarborough.
We got the dates and places requested.
The site facilities are variable and can be not fully open given the time of year. But, essentially, we used the caravans as a base from which to go exploring the local areas.
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that's what i want to do JTH - i would prefer out of school holidays though
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To see the destinations, start here:

Click 'See Map of Our Destinations' and then choose an area under 'Select Location'. Click on a map-pin to see the name of a holiday centre and then on 'More details'.

You need to collect 10 tokens from those printed in The Sun every day from Saturday, January 3 until Tuesday, January 27 but, as bookings open on January 12th, it makes sense to get them as early as possible (so that you'll have the best chance of getting the holiday you want).

As Sherrardk states, you can choose to join 'Sun+' for £9.99. If you do that you don't need to collect any tokens and you can get in first with your booking (because Sun+ members can book a day earlier than others can, from January 11th)
Just as well your input is not required, in that case, Methyl.

bednobs - I rather think 'holiday-season/school holidays' are exempt from the promotion. It is a way for the Haven sites to generate a bit of income from the caravans during the 'off-season'.
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The holidays offered are actually 3 or 4 night breaks, with the £9.50 (per person) covering the whole period but, of course, with 'extras' to be added on. They include daily service charges (which are 'per unit', not 'per person') of around £7 or £8 and things like 'entertainment passes' or 'clubroom passes' of a few pounds per person. There's also a £2.30 booking fee.

You need to select 4 holiday parks and 4 possible start dates and the system looks for a match. (If you're more flexible you can also select 'Any park in this region' and/or 'Any date').
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Methyl - I was answering bednobs question.

As I understood to what she was referring, there was no need for further expansion for the interest of any other readers.

However, Chris has given all the additional information you may require.
A further note:
It seems that you have to pay for a minimum of 4 people.

"For two, three or four people sharing accommodation a Holiday from £9.50 costs £38.60 (inc. postage) or £48.10 with UK insurance/£68.10 with European insurance.

Five sharing totals £48.10 (or £57.60/£77.60), six sharing is £57.60 (or £67.10/£87.10), seven sharing is £67.10 (or £76.60/£96.60) and eight sharing is £76.60 (or £86.10/£106.10"

>>>Where did you find that basic information?

^^^See link!
(Plus quite a bit of looking around that site, at specific locations, to get a feel for what 'extras' there are)
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Methyl - You are very welcome.
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thanks to all those that helped.
My advice would be to cut the coupons out and re-cycle the rest of the Sun !

Haven Holidays sites are quite nice and if you go out of season, then there won't be hordes of children around. Jack the hat has it right here..use the 'van as a base to explore the surrounding areas.
What I have done in the past when using these is to only put down the places you want to go even if that means only putting one. Then only put the dates you want to travel. That way you only go where you want when you want. Nine times out of ten you will get them.

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