Johannesburg Airport Flight Connection

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mrs to be | 14:38 Thu 01st Jan 2015 | Travel
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We are flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg to connect to London on a sunday evening, all with British Airways. Does anyone know if two & half hours is enough time to make connection?


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The most economic way is to book the ticket through BA and they will ensure that sufficient time is available. I've done this trip and it was fine.
if you're booked through on the same airline they would normally wait. (A differentline wouldn't.)
sounds fine to me
Will it actually be the same plane? Could well be.
BA does fly direct Cape Town to London.

Whilst transfer flights via JNB carry BA flight numbers throughout, the local connecting flight is provided by FlyMango under a codeshare agreement.
That should be fine. Here's a tip - get your suitcase clingfilm wrapped in the airport before departure to make it more secure (from thieving)

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Johannesburg Airport Flight Connection

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