Looking For Somewhere To Take The Children Abroad End Of August

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x799sej | 07:38 Wed 23rd Jul 2014 | Travel
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Hi looking for some ideas on where to go on holiday end of August. We were thinking Tunisia possibly or Turkey or Spain. We always find somewhere nice looking then find out it's too far from the beach or there's nothing much to do there for the kids. Either that or the reviews are awful looked at lots of places but really unsure about where to go. The children are 12 and 10 so they get bored easily and most hotels have tiny pools so if it's busy then pool space is going to be very restricted. Any ideas or previous experience of anywhere is greatly appreciated :)


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There are some hotels with enormous pools in Morocco. Some have several huge pools. There are mediterranean and Atlantic beaches in Morocco, and the country is not "dry". Flights are quick and easy, and you don't even change the time on your watches. A very little school French is very useful. Even the cats in Morocco seem to understand french, I discovered. Start with thinking about Tangier, but there are heaps of other cities. And Tagines are utterly delicious ! Better food than Tunisia, all round.
I'd vote for any of the Canary Islands, the weather is always good. there are waterparks and plenty of things to do as a family.
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Wrong thread, SunshineLady?
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Minorca is great for kids, including fussy eaters.

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Looking For Somewhere To Take The Children Abroad End Of August

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