Crossing South To North/north To South Cyprus

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timberup | 20:15 Tue 22nd Jul 2014 | Travel
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Hi.i'm off to N.Cyprus via Larnaca in Sept got a car hire thanks to advice from abers. I have been told its easy going South to North but North to South can be troublesome is this true or are my mates winding me up. Has anyone any real facts please.


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Sorry, no 'real facts' but a considerable amount of googling suggests that the confusion comes about because there's a difference between returning to the south (with a car hired in the south) and taking a northern-hired car across the border.

That's because any car hired in the south will obviously have valid insurance cover there but a car hired in the north (which would easily be identifiable by its red number plates) would get the southern border authorities and/or police asking lots of questions about whether it's properly insured for southern roads.
Apparently not advisable at the moment:

Things have certainly chnaged since I was there in 1985!
Last year I was working in south Nicosia for a couple of weeks. I walked into northern part and had my passport stamped. Wandered about and bought a top to wear. Had it in a carrier bag and when I came back through checkpoint they rummaged in bag to see what I had bought. Not what you asked but just my experience of walking across.
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Appreciate all replies so far. The car company i am hiring from supplies the additional insurance for the North, so hopeully thats ok. We won't be be bringing anyhing major back
In my experience It is like any border crossing,depends on the people in control at the time of crossing. You state that you will not be bringing anything back from the North so cant see any problem there, that will help. Go early on the day as it can get pretty hot hanging around the crossings as they go at their own speed, (dead slow. ) Also not too much in the way of air conditioned buildings to sit in . Enjoy.

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Crossing South To North/north To South Cyprus

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