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shiznit | 01:50 Sun 29th Jun 2014 | Travel
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Hi AB'ers,

Does anyone know what Manchester Airports E Cig policy is, or have you travelled there recently and had any experiences regarding this.

From what I can tell, its is ok to pack the e cig and liquid, (in a clear plastic bag) in my hand luggage.

Can't use it on the plane, I can't find any info on use in the Airport though



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The fact that there's no specific policy on the airport's website suggests that unlike, say, Wetherspoon's pubs, there's no blanket ban on using e-cigs. (If in doubt you could always use the smoking areas: ). For a definitive answer though (if one exists) phone 08712 710 711.
seems that e-cigs is a minefield for transport undertakings. A lot of train companies (for instance) post on their websites that they do not allow e-cig use.

however when challenged, they will all admit that since there are no laws or byelaws covering their specific use, and since water vapour is harmless, any ban is un-enforceable, as would be any sanction that the undertaking might seek to impose.

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Manchester Airport E Cig

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