las vegas 4th july 2006

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hobsonbear | 19:46 Wed 10th Aug 2005 | Travel
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i was born on 4th july 1966 so next year i will be 40.  i have visited the usa several times and would like to spend my 40th there.  husband wants to take an rv from vegas through death valley, yosimite, nappa valley etc and spend 4th july in las vegas.  so my question is:

is las vegas a good place to be on the 4th july 2006?

i got married in vegas and have visited it since and we really like it but i am worried it may be the same on 4th july as it is the rest of the year, do they do anything special?



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I am 100% sure that they will be doing plenty of special things in Las Vegas on Independence day, just like they do everywhere else in the USA.  They are so (over-?) patriotic!  Don't know any specifics though, maybe see if you can find a tourist information site for Las Vegas on the web.

It looks like fireworks will be the thing:

Though not in Las Vegas, I spent the 4th July 1996 at South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. During the day there was a street market and in the evening a fireworks display was put on from boats anchored/ buoyed on the lake. The display was really enjoyable and didn't cost the general public a penny. I don't remember any other celebrations going on, but that's not to say there weren't any !!
Just one small point,please DO NOT drive through Death Valley in July! It is one of the hottest (and most dangerous) places on Earth.Many people have run out of fuel there,and died as a consequence!

Hi I was in Las Vegas on 4th JULY this year & did not see or hear of any special events, seemed just like any other day

have fun anyway

hi there -

sorry can't help you with the Vegas question - but I am currently doing research on RV rentals in California and you may want to double check that your RV rental co. will allow you to drive through death valley, or indeed any desert areas. have fun tho! Vegas is a very odd place as you know.

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hi, thanks for all your answers.  i have just spoken to a las vegas hotel who says that although they are busy in july, nothing special happens on the 4th.  my first choice was to be in new york then anyway but husband is sold on the idea of an rv through california.

absolutely gutted!


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las vegas 4th july 2006

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