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spudqueen | 21:54 Sat 02nd Nov 2013 | Travel
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I have been looking at a villa to rent in Spain on the website, but have never used them before. Do any of you know - are they legit and good to use?


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They are certainly legit and I have looked at their villas many times. The only thing that has put me off in the past is they are quite expensive for the area that I always go to. What I have used many times (as have friends) if you want to have a look is ownersdirect (I'm guessing this is for Calpe?).
Never used them but have seen plenty of villas with their boards up in numerous resorts in Spain. They usually look very upmarket.
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I am a regular VillaPlus customer, having used them about half a dozen times. Last time was in October when we went to Lanzarote. Their prices I believe are quite competetive. I've found their service good. They have a wide range of villas and we've always gone for those close to town centres (so no car required). All their properties have heated pools and free aircon. One problem is that their main carrier is Thomson (not my favourite) but it's not a big deal. They get you there which is all I need from a short haul flight.

I believe they've recently started advertising on one or two of the satellite channels. They're certainly legit and have not let us down.
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That's great, thank you. And yes Prudie, it is for Calpe. I'm just a little wary as I've never been on this sort of holiday to Spain before (we usually go to Italy), and have only hired villas in Florida. Hoping to get it all sorted soon then I can stop bothering you lot!
Do have a look on then, these are privately owned villas rather than through an agent.
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