Aurora Borealis

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Matheous-2 | 22:15 Sun 22nd Sep 2013 | Travel
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Can anyone suggest the best time of year and which part of Northern Scotland would be best to view this phenomena please? Thanks!


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january, orkney
Aurorae can be seen anywhere in Scotland where light pollution is at a minimum and conditions are right. Although less likely, sightings have been recorded as far south as East Anglia in England.

The best time to spot the Aurora Borealis is generally considered to be in January, but did you know that it's also possible to see the Northern Lights on most cold, clear nights throughout the autumn and winter months?
Take a look at

It has an aurora oval - and it changes to show the strength of the aurora

Also look at AuroraWatch UK from Lancs. University
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Thank you ABrs! website changes daily. Currently has a video clip of the coronal mass ejection, similar to what BBC2's Stargazing Live showed, earlier tonight.

Scroll down and look at the left hand column for a small image of the auroral oval and just click on 'Europe' to change the image (which defaults to a USA map).

Peak activity is expected around midnight tonight (and tomorrow night). Parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and SW England have clear skies forecast.

Good luck!
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Thank you Hypognosis.....

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Aurora Borealis

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