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lightbulb247 | 08:38 Tue 03rd Sep 2013 | Travel
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If you could live in one other country what would it be and why?


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Much as I have been happy living in England I would now choose to live in Ireland...I fit well there.
Same as gness.(Except I'm in Wales)
I quite like the idea of living in the Czech Republic. I've never been there but I know several Czech people (both online and personally) and everything I see, read and here about the place seems to be to my liking.
Let's elope, Sweaty......Mayo or Kerry? ;-) x
'just up the road' to scotland would suit me fine
The USA, preferably New York. I feel at home there. ( I love England so a place here a there would be perfect.)
Portugal because ...

1. It's sunny, and
2. It's not as built up as Spain, and
3. I can speak Portuguese

Or maybe Switzerland because ...

1. My BF lives there, so
2. I'd get more sex, and
3. The casinos are good
Spain, for a retired person, good climate, nice people, low cost of living, wonderful country, lots of room, excellent food but location is very important.
Does your BF know that you prefer sunshine to sex?
Err ...
Probably the States or Canada, most likely New York or San Francisco.

Why, I have a fascination for the city and things going on all the time, New York is an incredible city and San Francisco is stunning and a lot of beautiful Californian coastline nearby and LA a few hours away.

It's also easy to get cheap internal flights to all over the US/Canada and closer to more tropical places - so much to see and do! I think New Orleans would be one of the first places.
I'm packing me bin-bag now, Gness ;) x

new zealand

the most spectacular scenery on the planet
Dusting off the tandem as you pack, Sweaty....;-) x
France - because the French are such lovely people.
I've lived and worked in a variety of countries and this has led me to the conclusion that there really is no place like home (England). We have history, beautiful countryside, quaint villages,vibrant modern cities, and can appreciate a good dry sense of humour.

Tandem, ^^^^ that's a two-up isn't it gness?
Hmmmm....How to answer?........It is, Baldric...but we can fit a side-car if you fancy coming along...;-) x

Nearside or offside sidecar,
pedals or no pedals?
France, nothing to dislike about the place or the people, IMO.

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