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AlwaysConfused | 22:09 Fri 23rd Aug 2013 | Travel
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I'm on a mission to book a holiday for Tenerife in November, preferably all inclusive. I'm looking for a cheap deal for 7-10 days, ideally flying from Southampton, Bournemouth, or Gatwick (Gatwick as last choice).

OH and I will be going with a friend, who particularly wants to go to the Los Cristianos area, avoiding the Playas De Las Americas area. I've never been to Tenerife, and searching through there is quite a price difference between the two areas. What are your experiences of Tenerife? Any other areas close to Los Cristianos that you could recommend?


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I once stayed in playa de Americas and while there visited Los christianos. Wished I had been staying there instead at the time. Playa was too built up for me. Also plagued there with time share sellers. This is many years ago so perhaps someone who has been more recently will comment.
Only been there once and that was to Los Gigantes which was actually very nice. I thought Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas were pretty much rolled into one and certainly the busiest most touristy areas. Not sure how you can avoid one if in the other.
I've stayed in Los Gigantes several times it's not close to Los Christianos though, but I much prefer it.
Costa Adeje is very nice and you can walk along the prom to Playa de las Americas and Los Christianos. It's a quieter area but near enough to the other two if you want it a bit busier
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I saw a very good deal for Costa Adeje, I'll have to look into that. Has anyone been outside the normal tourist season? I'm presuming November might be quite quiet
I think it's pretty much busy all year because of the constant weather. I went last week of November, high 20s every day and everything was open.
I think you will find Tenerife doesn't really have a tourist season. Because of the beautiful weather it is an all year destination.
You do know that Cristianos and Americas are joined and you can walk from one end to the other along a straight promenade?
I can't tell the difference between them, these days - there is no defining boundary.
I an hardly tell the difference between any of them. Been to Furtaventura and erm...somewhere else. All characterless concrete jungles with too many Irish bars.
We went to Puerto de la Cruz, been 4 times and each time loved it, plenty to see and do, Lago Martianez is a great place to relax. Weather great all year round.
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Zac - No, I've never been there. Maybe I ought to look at a map! Thanks for, and welcoming all suggestions as need to book tomorrow and I can feed this info back to my friend
Stick a pin in a map orpf the canary isles. Man made resorts. Karaoke bars. Irish pubs. Reasonable weather.
I've been to all the Canary Islands. Depends what you want, Las Americas and Los Cristianos black sand that stains your feet. Noisy bars that are still going at 6am. Fuerteventura much more sedate. Gran Can is full of Africans trying to sell you their wares.
The winter season is the busiest - that is when the swallows (pensioners) from the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden etc go to escape the cold winters. Many stay for three months or more.
Compared to the UK and mainland Europe the weather is FAB. I have witnessed an enormous downpour that lasted 24 hours followed by glorious sun; I have suffered the Calima which is no joke if you have asthma (a huge dust storm from the Sahara) but every day I have been there between November and March I have sunbathed, swam in the sea and walked around in my shorts. In the evening you may need a cardi or lightweight jacket and long trousers but it won't get dark until 8pm.

In November you do need to be south of the island for the weather, so you are looking in the right area. Adeje is considered more 'upmarket' but is still a continuation of Cristianos/Americas. Have a look an Google Street View or Google Earth and you'll see what I mean. It is a huge resort merging former villages.

Los Gigantes is good if you want a quieter holiday - that is to the south of Americas, a good few miles away. Palm Mar is a much newer (developing) resort to the north of Cristianos. Both Gigantes and Palm Mar have very good bus services to Cristianos and Americas - Palm Mar is nearer if you like evening entertainment and need a taxi back.

La Caleta is south of Adeje, in between Americas and Gigantes and is a small, quiet resort.

What is your age group and what are your interests? All night clubbing/all day sleeping on the beach; golf; nice, quiet hotel and a daily stroll along the prom/beach with the occasional trip.

If you can be more specific we can help you more

I wouldn't go to Americas if you paid me - Christianos is better, but a lot of the hotels at at the back of the resort which is VERY hilly (not for good reason was the road up to our hotel named Cardiac Hill.....)

Gigantes is good but a fair way out. We're going to Costa Adeje next month.

Our preference by far is the resorts on the south on the Golfe del Sur, not far from the airport - but it does all depend what you want from a holiday - we don't want teen bars and night clubs!
Having said I would never go to The Canaries, we finished up in Los Gigantes (which is to the north of Cristianos/Americas) earlier in the year and rather enjoyed it. Plenty of nice varied restaurants (I would never go 'all-inclusive' - too much to try on your own), only one Irish Bar but that wasn't noisey and plenty to keep you occupied.
We hired a car and basically you can get anywhere on the island for a day trip that way. Bus services are also pretty good.
Agree with Captain, buses are good - and there are plenty of places away from the garish nightlife resorts.
Las America is fine as long as you select your area, sure I would not stay in the Torviscas region as it's a night club area. We like the Santiago region, easy to walk about, no steep hills, plenty of good shops bars and restuarants. Also a pleasant walk into Las Christianos.
Plenty of excellent hotels to suit all tastes, our favourites are the Vulcano and Best hotels.
@ Boxtops - Cardiac Hill eh ??? Did you stop at Laguna Park II by any chance ??
@ Giz, can't remember, but it was a very long way up THAT hill, I think it was near there though.
Didn't like Tenerife the one and only time we've been - far too noisy and commercialised, yobs racing cars down the main street day and night in Playa DLA and pesky timeshare sellers. Fuerteventura is far nicer if you like the beach (but nothing else to do), Lanzarote is nice - several interesting places and things to do, not all the beaches are black, great to explore the island. Gran Canaria is a concrete jungle now completely spoilt, it used to be so nice especially Puerto Rico in the 70s. Be aware of the very strong wind in November, it's the same on all the Canary Islands, it can ruin the chance of relaxing on the beach as it blows the sand along in a sandstorm. Still lovely warm temps in November if you hit it right. Enjoy wherever you decide to go.

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