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tezmand | 14:19 Sun 28th Jul 2013 | Travel
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hi ive just booked a flight to florida flying from manchester and it says to take an additional photo id with me aswell as passport , i dont have anything else as photo id, i still have the paper driving license yes i know im behind the times but never needed to change it so why go to the expense , is there another form of photo id that i havnt thought about ?


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>>>it says to take an additional photo id with me as well as passport

What is 'it' in your question? I can think of nothing that would require a second form of photo ID, so it might help us to know who is suggesting that such additional ID should be required.

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IT would be the travel company i have booked with and the paper work IT has sent me and no i would of thought passport would be enough , cannot find anything on us airways webpage that would help , ( that is who im flying with )
All I can suggest is that you phone the travel company and ask them why such ID might be required (and whether it really matters if you've not got any). For example, in some places in the world, hotels like to hold on to guests' passports during their stay. If so, people who are only just over the legal age to purchase alcohol might need additional photo-ID to do so (because their pa
I have never been anywhere in the world where I need to take ID other than a passport. Some countries have not very well advertised laws that say you have to carry your passport around at all times. I don`t as I don`t want to get it nicked but what is a good idea is to carry around a photocopy of the photo page on your passport.
Oh, and don`t let the hotel hold on to your passport. They have no right to do that. I was in Ko Samui once and the hotel wanted to hold onto my passport as surety against my losing the room key. I told them to bog off (in not so many words)
Oops! How did that happen? I didn't click 'Submit'!

Let's try again:

. . . If so, people who are only just over the legal age to purchase alcohol might need additional photo-ID to do so (because their passport is back at the hotel).

If that's the type of concern the holiday company might have in mind (and you're well over 21 or don't want to buy alcohol anyway) then it would be pointless bothering with additional ID.
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lol wish i was young enough to be asked for id for alchohol im 50 , it is strange as never been asked this before will ring company to verify why cheers everyone
If you feel you must, copy the page on your passport ( if you have a scanner)
then print it off & you have a perfectly good extra ID.

Have you booked any other arrangements with this company?

Only thing I can think of is that some rental car companies are reputed to want a photo licence. I've never actually found this to be the case - they've always accepted my old style licence with passport as backup ID.

Also I think Florida passed a law requiring an international licence in some circumstances. They've had to backtrack on it but some travel agents may not realise it.

It is a form of ID you could get very easily though - over the counter at some larger Post Offices. A fiver or so.
the list of post offices (referenced in DZug's post) is here
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guys im not driving in florida thats not why i need it apparently i need a 2nd photo id to check in at manchester airport
Well if true it's plain daft
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dzug, I've heard the opposite: that some companies, particularly in the US, only want "proper" paper licences, not photocards. However, I've never found this to be true, either, which is lucky, because I haven't a clue where my paper licence is, but I keep the plastic one with me all the time.
I have rented cars in the US many times and while they are used to seeing British driving licences without photos, they are much happier if you have a modern license. The cost is minimal and it will much easier when you get to the other end. If you are stopped by the Police for anything, they will respond much better if you show them a driving licence with a photo on it. Driving licences are used for general purpose ID all over the States.

Of course, you may not be renting a car, although travelling in the States without driving is problematic in itself. If you change to the modern up-to-date driving licence, it will help at home as well, as its an easy and convenient way of carrying ID.
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mikey4444 this is nothing to do with driving at all we are actually flying to usa for a cruise , a driving license is the only thing i could think of that is a photo id, but as i said i still have the paper one, they have asked for this extra photo id to actually check in at manchester airport,

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