Things To Do In Glasgow?

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CheekyChops | 14:32 Thu 20th Jun 2013 | Travel
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I am visiting Glasgow shortly for a concert but the following day, will have approximately 6 hours to kill in between being kicked out of the hotel and getting the train home.

Anybody familiar with the city that can suggest some things to do?

Tbh, I've tried googling but getting the bus to Edinburgh for a few hours is looking more attractive by the minute ;-)


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there's the Burrell Collection, Pollok House, Kelvingrove, Transport museum

gawd, I see wot you mean and I live just outside of Glasgow :-D
Charles Rennie Mackintosh's reconstructed "House for an Art Lover" in Bellahouiston Park is at the top of my list for the next time I go to Glasgow.
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Thanks for the links but as I said, I have already googled.

I was looking for personal recommendations really, someone who has been to some of these attractions /places and can tell me whether they are worth a visit or not.

I'll have a scan through though, to see if you've unearthed anything I've missed!
Cheekychops, without knowing your age or interests it is very difficult to suggest how you could pass 6hours in Glasgow. Alba's suggestions are good have lunch at Mother India and you are sorted.
What sort of things are you interested in Cheeky?
That might help us to send you in the right idrection.

btw, from Glasgow to Edinburgh is an hour's train journey.
The Glasgow Science Centre's a good day out. Imax cinema, planetarium, The Glasgow Tower and two floors of interactive stuff will fill your time no problem.
Well served by public transport, it's worth a visit.
Edinburgh's a good choice if you have a particuar interest in roadworks. I'm just back from there this afternoon and I'd advise steering well clear.
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Maybe not Edinburgh then!

The Science Center sounds good, I do like stuff like that so will definitely have a look at that. Mother India also sounds good for a visit, I love Indian food.

I like shopping and believe that Glasgow is excellent for that but I tend to get bored after an hour or two so don't want to shop all day.

I quite like museums and stuff but am not really into art galleries.

Thanks for giving me some ideas!
Scotland Street School Museum.
Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum.
Glasgow University - some glorious buildings.
I haven't been for ages so can't remember where the Museum of Transport is now - that was fantastic when I was a child.
Any of the Mother India restaurants/cafes.
The Riverside Museum and Tall Ship are great to visit.
Kelvingrove Gallery is lovely as is a wander through Kelvingrove Park.
Glasgow is great for shopping. Princess Square on Buchanan St is lovely and has some lovely places for lunch too.
Eccles' suggestion to eat at Mother India is a fabulous one! Great food :)

Don't come through to Edinburgh unless you want to go to the Zoo. You would avoid the roadworks by going there but forget heading into town as it is a nightmare!
I can thoroughly recommend Alba's suggestion. We had a few hours to kill and spent it at the Burrell Collection and Pollok house next door. we loved it.
Glasgow is *not* came as a surprise to me when I first visited :o/

They have thoughtfully provided handrails up the side of the steepest of the hills, but I still felt the need for a sled and a small team of Huskies to ferry me round.

If you can't find a specific place to visit, just wander round the city centre and look at the buildings.

Glasgow is my favourite city in the UK.
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Crikey, there are now so many suggestions of things to do, I may need to stay an extra day to fit them all in!!

Thank you all, will report back next week and give you my verdict x

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