Driving To Portugal Via Portsmouth/santander Ferry

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Arrods | 15:21 Thu 13th Jun 2013 | Travel
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We're towing our boat for the first time down to the south east of Oporto, using the overnight ferry. Any tips? I see from our route planner that there are some steep hills downwards on the way out. How serious are they (bearing in mind the reverse journey)? And any problems with electronic tolls? Any assistance greatfully received.


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>>>I see from our route planner

Which route planner are you using? f you use ViaMichelinyou can specifically select an option giving the best route for caravans (which, I assume, will be much the same as when towing a boat). Further, it will tell you about any tolls on the route (or allow you to select a toll-free option):
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Yes thanks, that's the routeplanner I used, including the 'caravan' option. It still suggested some steep inclines to negotiate, though I think our tow vehicle will be up to the task. Happy to pay the tolls, it's just that I'd heard that in Portugal some toll roads are electronic only. Thanks again.
Once off the ferry in santander you have to traverse some mountainous country...not for the faint hearted ..I used to do it every year to get to my place on the Algarve....not been for a while roads will be better...don't be tempted to speed on any toll roads as if you arrive at a pay point too early you will get instant fine !...where are you heading for ?
I did ..santander...Burgos..Valladolid...Salamanca...Caceres...Merida....through border at badajoz..Estremoz..then small road to Sines...followed coast road down ..used to overnight in parador in Salamanca which was five star luxury !
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Murraymints - Thanks for the tips. We're heading to the resort at Montebelo Aguieira. Do you know it?

Buenchico - Thanks for the link, it's perfect!
Don't know it arrods..where is it near ?...lots of resorts and holiday villages have sprung up on the used to be west of Lagos most unspoiled by tourist traffic..I had a villa about 3 miles east of Sagres....
I have driven down to the algarve a couple of times and along the north coast. As I remember it, the coast road between Santander and Gijon is straightforward, you can then take the AP66 down to Leon and it is pretty easy from there. The smaller roads over the Picos are a bit wiggly and steep and crossing the Douro in Portugal is a bit circuitous, but if you are towing a dinghy you shouldn't have any problems. Is it the lake resort near Viseu that you are visiting?
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Jomifl - yes, it's the one near Viseu. Bit bigger than a dinghy I'm afraid, so here's hoping!
Arrods, if you haven't been to that part of the Iberian peninsular before then you are in for a pleasant surprise, wonderful country, wonderful people.

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Driving To Portugal Via Portsmouth/santander Ferry

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