Trying To Find A Town In Normandy

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tigerlelly | 10:53 Thu 13th Jun 2013 | Travel
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On our way to Brittany from Cherbourg we used to drive through a town that had a very steep hill with a large church with spire(s). It looked as though the church was at the top of the hill but the road veered off to the right before we reached it. The last time we went new roads had been built and we must have bypassed the town. We can't remember the name of the town but always wanted to visit it. I've looked on google interactive maps but it's such alarge area to cover. Can anyone help?


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Sounds like Coutances to me.
It has a bypass now so you might miss the town when driving by.
yes, Coutances rings a bell though it's 30 years since I last drove there. I did stop in the town and it was very attractive. Is this the church you had in mind?,550x550,075,f.jpg
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Coutances it is! Thank you both so much. Now we'll be able to book a B&B on our way through.

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Trying To Find A Town In Normandy

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