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cook1254 | 11:31 Tue 12th Jul 2005 | Travel
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Has anyone been to the village of Berny Riviere near Paris? We are booked into the campsite of De la Croix du vieux pont in 2 weeks time. We have the web site of the camp but can't find out much about the village of Berny Riviere itself.Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks Kev but have allready got these sites. The campsite does look very good and hope it lives up to my expectations. The larger areas of Compiegne and Soissons are easy to find but not the smaller towns or villages. It's just nice to know what to expect from around the site itself.

Try this It's in French, I hope you can understand.

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Thank you so much Artful. My daughter (13) went to google online translater and managed to translate the website into English. How brill is she!! lol. It has given us a very good idea of where the campsite is in relation to the village of Berney and looks as though we should be able to walk it quite easily. Will have to post a bit about it myself on my return for anyone else interested. Thanks once again.cook.
I have stayed there, but it was about 10 yrs ago. From what I remember, the village itself is small and tranquil, with a small number of very traditional restaurants and shops. I was a hormonal teenager at the time and I recall it being "boring" but then I was more interested in a girl I'd met at the site and spending more time with her ;-)

In the larger towns of compiegne and soissons, there is a more "big town" feel, and they are not touristy at all (or were not then)

I recall the site is not too far from Paris. We often went and parked near where they were building the stade de france and then rode the train into town. The area was rough, but I guess is better for the building work

The campsite was large and well fitted out. There was a pool and a games room and a nice shop that got fresh french bread each morning.

There was also a play area and plenty of youngsters for my brother to play with and teenagers for me to "get to know".
Glad it helped, cook. And bravo to your daughter.
we have been to berny riviere 3 times in the past 4 years. We have really enjoyed everything about the campsite, it has recently aquired a new man made beach and lake, which is good because there isnt a beach near by. There is also a beach side cafe which is great for cornetto softs and extra strong coffee!! The take away is generally very good, and all the campsite is very clean and well maintained. It is approx an hour from paris and 75 mins from disney and about 1 hour from parc asterix. overall very well recomended, 10/10
I worked for two summers on Berney Rivere and i really do love the place.It has all the anemities for a family holiday but still manages to keep its french look and culture. The village is full of little family run restaraunts who are very hospitable to everyone. i guarentee you will fall in love with Berney as soon as you arrive.
This question is pretty old lol, but thought anyone else reading could benefit from other replies.

Berney Riviere campsite is beautiful and definitely lives up to the pictures of it on the net. I first went there in 98 at the height of the world cup and there were many footie fans on site from all over Europe but there was never any noise from those fans and the site was quiet all night and tranquil during the day with just the noise of children playing. It was so nice I am returning this year (2007).
It is a good hours drive from Disneyland/Paris and I would recommend you get a train if you wish to travel into Paris but as there are no direct trains from Berney Riviere, Soisson or Compiegne, you would be best to drive to the outskirts of Paris and get the train from there. I have no idea about parking or how much it would cost but you can get trains direct form Disneyland and the parking there last year was 8 euros for the day.
I think your best bet would be to buy/borrow a satnav system that has Euopean maps on it which is what we are doing this year

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Berny riviere France

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