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Louise82 | 18:28 Mon 04th Jul 2005 | Travel
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We are getting married in May next year in Cyprus. We are spending one week there and then we want to have a two week honeymoon somewhere else. We were planning to go to America but on checking the weather its not a good time of year to go.


Can anyone suggest a lovely place to go for our honeymoon. We want to go somewhere really special but we are not rich so it cant be too expensive!


If possible, could you let me know where you spent your honeymoon and what it was like.




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America's nice if you are in southern states - Florida, Georgia, across to the southwest - southern California, Arizona, Nevada.
We spent our honeymoon in the Lake District, in February. It was snowy, so looked lovely, though to be honest I'd have gone anywhere, who cares where you are!!

BTW, America is a pretty big place, it can't ALL have bad weather in May!

Married 1993, had 3 week honeymoon as a rather complicated package holiday:  2 days Cairo, 2 days Luxor, one week on safari in Kenya then one week at the Serena Beach Hotel near Mombasa.  Kenya was an affordable place to go to at the time, don't know about now. It was a great trip with so much to see.  In hindsight:  would have done without Egypt (tummy bugs);  wish we had gone on a Tanzania safari and Zanzibar beach hols... But it was a fantastic trip all the same.  Another point:  I had naively assumed that everywhere in Kenya would be warm because it is in Africa. Silly me.  Some of the places we visited were in the mountains and freezing!  Though not the beach near Mombasa of course.

P.S. Our tour operator was Somak who is a Kenya specialist with excellent deals for Kenya.

Hiya.. we spent our honeymoon in Antigua and that was in may.. we spent 3 weeks there and it was paradise. The weather was excellent the whole time too!! We stayed at the royal antiguan hotel which was really nice and made our honeymoon very speacial!! Good luck.. hope u decide on somewhere nice!!!

We went on our honeymoon in August - one very busy week at the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town, followed by one very relaxing week at the Sugar Beach Resort in Mauritius.  The weather was beautiful in both places, even though it was the tail end South Africa's winter, and because it was a honeymoon, we were upgraded and treated very specially from start to finish.

Good luck with your choice.  You'll have a great time no matter where you go!

Florida is good in May - not the hottestit can be, but it's hot and it's dry (unlike the hottest time when it rains every day).Also, Las Vegas is good in May.I've been to both these places severaltimes in May and never had a problem with the weather.

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