Travelling without a passport

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mojo29 | 15:48 Wed 29th Jun 2005 | Travel
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My partner is a Portuguese national. He has been living and working in Britain for the past 18 months. We plan to go on holiday to Portugal by ferry in August but his I.D. card and passport went missing when returned by DVLA after applying for a British driving licence. He does now have the British driving licence but no other I.D. He is sure that he will be able to use this when we travel to Portugal via France and Spain with a letter from the police stating that we have reported the missing forms of I.D. and a letter from DVLA saying that they have seen the documents and returned them. Is he right? Can he use just the driving licence to travel back to his home country?


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Wouldn't like to bet on it! Can he not get a replacement passport from the Portuguese Embassy?
Exactly my sentiments spudqueen will need more than a driving licence to cross borders.

If (and I repeat IF) he was able to gain access to Portugal,but with the documents you quote going via France and Spain,I am in some doubt. I have no doubt he would not be able to return to the UK after your trip,without the correct (lost) documentation!

I agree with spudqueen & netibiza.If you get a move on you may be able to get a replacement by August!

A driving license is not a document that confers nationality. hence it cannot be used to verify if a person is a citizen of any country that he purports to be. I doubt that the DVLA will issue any letters that state that they have seen the documents and even if they do it will not be of any use as the DVLA are not the body that can check any claims on nationality. Your plans to travel to portugal via france and spain does not mention how you will get into those countries. While immigration checks on border points in France and Spain may be lax they are not non existent. A couple of nights in a police cell is the result of being caught.

The solution is to get a portuguese passport, ID card from the portuguese embassy nearest to where you live. It should not take too long and if application is made in person then it would be much quicker maybe even same day. If your partner is reluctant to do that perhaps you ought to find out why?

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Travelling without a passport

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