Shoping in the Caribbean

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dustypuss | 15:04 Tue 02nd Oct 2012 | Travel
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Shoping in the Caribbean
I’m going on a Caribbean & Bahamas cruise at the end of the year . I was wondering how easy it is to buy bottles of wine ashore so that I can take them back on board ship . Are the shops/supermarkets similar to the shops in the UK? TIA


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Plenty of places to buy in the ports you will be visiting, but the crew will probably take it off you until the day you are leaving the ship.

Have a look at the above, some liners ban or restrict the amount you can actually take on board, in case you drink it instead of buying on board.
The duty free complex at the end of the dock in Barbados is absolutely brilliant..................
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PS I ment to say going with P&O

Looks like they will take it and hold it until the end of the trip.
I go with P&O and ubasses is quite correct................
Dusty mate, do you actually spend any time in the UK? ;-)
What are the prices of drinks like on board these cruise ships? I've often wondered.
I have never had any issues getting booze on board a P&O ship.
Do you embark in Barbados? As previously said the duty free shop is super, the scanners are before you get on the ship, not P&O controlled. We buy all our drinks there.
Enjoy, which ship are you on? I'm on Ventura over Xmas and New Year.
in St John's Antigua there's a scouser has an off license just as you walk from the boat, but you're not suppposed to take the alcohol on board ship it's ok to buy it and drink it whilst you're there though, so fill your boots.
he has a sex shop there too btw.
Sure I've been in Antigua Dotty, can't recall a scouser or a sex shop, bloody worried now what I did!!!!!
I dont remember a sex shop in Antigua................
meg in st johns just as you walk from the shops to the dock where the ships park up, there is a row of shops on your right with some green steps at the side, if you go up those steps there are more shops on the upper level, similar to the shopping precinct further into the town, anyway, his shops are up there, there's a heiniken bar across from the row of shops.
if you saw the old local man doing the drawings ask him to take you there
That does sound familiar, my memory of Antigua is having a couple of Bird's Nest cocktails on the beach, bloody dangerous stuff, never again!!
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miss meg -Ventura 7-22-dec
We get on as you disembark dustypuss, enjoy!!
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I did enjoy and had no trouble getting booz on board ;-) thanks for all the answers.
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Shoping in the Caribbean

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