boat to israel, poss' from cyprus

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jasecole | 01:34 Sat 11th Jun 2005 | Travel
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does any-one know of a boat that i am told sails from limasol in cyprus to israel ?

i am told it may be a tourist charter. the cyprus holiday brochures mention it, but as part of a package holiday to cyprus. i am not really interested in cyprus, though i am told it is interesting. i just want to get myself and the motorbike to israel !

if any-one has experience of this boat or, better still, knows how i can contact the boat people direct, please contact me.

alternatively, does anybody have advice about getting passage on a commercial freighter ? i am happy to embark anywhere from southern italy, eastward. all i want is to get me and the 'bike to israel.

the israelli authorities tell me there are no commercial ferries, but there has to be a way of reaching israel. i cannot ride through syria, and do not want to fly, and freight the bike out from cost a fortune last time !!

any help or advice is more than welcome. i hope to be travelling in about 12 months.


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I've never done it myself, but I recall seeing several companies at the harbour offering different trips to Israel. I am sure most were tourist day trip boats, but as long as they had the space I am sure one would help. Have you searched the internet?
i once a few years back hitch-hiked from amsterdam to isreal with little difficulty, went thru gemany south thru switzerland to italy, sailed from brindisi italy to s. greece, from athens sailed to s. turkey, hiked around bi-passing lebanon down thru syria and crossed into isreal from jordan, cost me about $100 for the trip

Never fear, help is here. A company called Louis does the trip from Limassol in the south of Cyprus.

Their website is

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boat to israel, poss' from cyprus

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