hotels near legoland?nice place to stay?

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pinkcowprint | 19:21 Mon 17th Sep 2012 | Travel
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we are looking to go to legoland for the firework dispay bonfire weekend,where exactly is legoland?we want a hotel close by as we will need to nip back to sort baby out after a full day there,and then go back for fireworks at night,(i have read you get a stamp to be able to do this?)i have read reviews that slough is near but quite a rough place,windsor is mega expensive,are there any other villages/towns close by?we will have a car aswell.any advise greatly appreciated!!


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Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough!
It isn't fit for humans now,
There isn't grass to graze a cow.
Swarm over, Death!

There are parts of slough that aren't too bad :)
meant to say i went to the fireworks one year there. Either don't go on the log flume thingy or take spare clothes - we were frozen and wet!
Question Author slough not that bad then?!
Legoland have a hotel on site....
and I would call them to double check you can leave and return...
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hi,yh its fully booked though,was going to ring and just check that aswell,have you been?
I've been to legoland once, not for halloween/fireworks though. Have you looked for B&Bs in Windsor?
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no just googled hotels,will have a look!
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These are all within 5miles of Legoland. Check out the area on StreetView for more. Windsor town is full of family b&b.

Ascot Road


Oakley Green
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On a normal day you can get a stamp and return but the park gets very full for the fireworks and if people enter whilst you are out of the park and it reaches capacity they won't let you back in even with a stamp.

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hotels near legoland?nice place to stay?

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