Sunny beach Bulgaria

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THAIBUS | 13:32 Fri 13th Jul 2012 | Travel
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Anyone Been to Sunny Beach Bulgaria as I am going in September and wondered how much spending money to take, I have hotel and breakfast is included.
Also is there any day or evening trips to do as we are going for 14 days. Thanks


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Been about 10 years since I was there so no idea about prices now.

The little village of Nesebar on the peninsular just south of the beach was very nice; quite old and traditional.
Sunny beach has lots of restaurants and they ALL want you to eat at their place. Be prepared for lots of grief in the streets from people employed to get you to eat at their restaraunt.
Apart from the beach I don't remember there being much else to do.

It was an enjoyable holiday, though, as the Bulgarians appeared to be friendly enough.
Visit Trip Adviser you will get plenty of replies there.As Andrew says visiting Nesebar is a must.Haven't been for a few years so cannot comment on prices,but when we were there it was very cheap.
You will get the Currency sellers on the streets Thaibus, do not bother with them, as said, Nesebar is well worth a visit, if you get chance have a look at the Victoria Palace, its right on the beach, at the very back of this hotel you have the markets, its about 15mins walk, the place is safe so do not worry about that. on the Beach strip there are a few clubs.
Our group split over an excursion. We stayed behind, but of those who went out in the bus to some big city ( forgot name) , several got mugged.

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Sunny beach Bulgaria

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