Visa to come to UK from Indonesia

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gordyagusta | 19:38 Sun 10th Jun 2012 | Travel
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I have a friend who is an Indonesian national but working in Qatar who would like to come to the UK for 1 week only on holiday. Does anyone know what requirements he needs, what the cost is and what is the procedure for applying for a UK tourist visit visa?

Many thanks in advance.


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The visa requirements for UK visitors are now covered by a company called VFS.
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thanks grasscarp, but I had a look on there already, he's not in Indonesia at the moment but living and working in Qatar
He can start than with the local VFS to him

Yes, they will need a visa
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thanks guys, that's the information i've been looking for....
He/she will need a letter of invitation from you and it will help if you state you will be responsible for any medical bills and extra expenses that may occur, the British Embassy in Qatar will check you on the British electoral roll to make sure you have a valid address, they may also ask for a bank statement from you to show you can support the person if necessary.
He/she will need a letter from their employer to prove they are employed and will return to Qatar, proof of how much money they will bring with them i.e. bank statement.
How do I know this, we had a lot of trouble getting a visit visa for my bro-in-law who worked in Dubai and wanted to come and visit, they refused and we had to appeal but won the appeal four months down the line, at the time he had an Indian passport but as he hails from Goa he now has Portuguese nationality and doesnt have that problem anymore.
It was quite strange, we filled in the appeal forms and sent them of in Jan and were given a June appeal date then one day in March I got a phone call from the Home Office asking me who our lawyer was as I had not put one down on the form I told whoever that I did not need a lawyer I was telling the truth my husband is reg blind and not allowed to travel so he wanted his brother to come and visit and quite capable of standing there and speaking up for myself thank you very much, in fact I went "into one" and had a polite rant - thank you madam said the Home Office man, next day had another call - but it was April Fool's day-so Iwas a bit wary - they said go tell your bro-in-law to go back to the consulate in Dubai and collect his visa !two days later we met him at Heathrow.
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oh wow, Dee Sa, thank you for such an informative first hand experience answer. I hate how complicated these things are, yet i can quite happily stroll into Qatar pay for a visa at the immigration desk and i'm free to do what i want for 2 weeks.....I just want him to come and spend a short break here so i can show him our green and pleasant land....why oh why is that such a hard ask to achieve...... any way I'm glad to hear that all turned out well for you and your family....
happy to help gordy they dont make it easy as they think people will overstay there are agencies that will do it for you and check all your documents before submitting them this may be expensive but on hindsight
maybe we should have gone down this line in the first place.

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Visa to come to UK from Indonesia

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