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peterbaz | 19:24 Sun 10th Jun 2012 | Travel
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hello folks ive just booked a med cruise for next year (7 days) ive been told that the drinks are expensive but whats to stop us buying a bottle ashore and have a few glasses in our cabin ? anymore advise weve never cruised before ,,, thanks


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they screen your bags as you come back on to the ship and confiscate liquor (they'll return it when you leave). At least the ones I've been on do; others may be more generous, but don't count on it.
When we went on one, any booze you bought on shore s taken off you as you got back on the ship, until the day you were due to leave the ship, they did sell bottles on board, that were slightly more expensive that you could drink in your cabin. We found the prices to be roughly the same as what you pay in a pub here. Have a great time.
incidentally, do a search for your ship here

you might pick up useful tips about on-board life.

Enjoy yourself! - I love cruising.
sorry jno, your link wasn't there when I posted.
agree with jno, been on cruise this year and that is exactly what happens, you can buy alcohol ashore but cannot take it onboard to drink, it is kept and returned to you at end of your cruise
I went on a cruise round the gulf of Mexico a few years back and the rules were as stated above. We got round it by emptying our (large) drink bottles and decanting spirits into them before re-boarding ! We got some funny looks from the locals as we did this close to the liquor shop but it was worth it.
Of course if you were to do this, it would be entirely at your own risk.
different website, Mazie, also good
I've never found the drinks expensive on board ship, apart from the wine in the restaurant. We ordered bottles of spirits from the steward for our cabin, and they were at duty free prices, as were cigarettes.
We got round it by putting a cheap bottle of brandy (plastic bottle from Tesco) in each of our hold luggage before flying. Not as cheap as duty free but cheaper than shipboard. Prices on the boat were not outrageous, by the way.
I really fancy another cruise now. Have a good time peter x
on-board prices will depend on the ship. Some are pretty high, others less so.
Whether you can take alcohol on or not depends on your cruise line. Royal Caribbean - no, Celebrity - no, but you can take on 2 bottles of wine per stateroom at the start, Princess - normally no limits. Read you cruise info to find out. However(!!), we always pack a couple of bottles of vodka wrapped in a towel in the middle of a suitcase and it has always 'got through'. You can take on water and mixers (eg lemonade) no problem.
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thanks for all the advice guys ,,, thank you xxxx
Look after your cabin steward and he'll look after you! Also, the cocktail of the day is fun and really cheap usually.

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