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Le Chat | 13:37 Sat 19th May 2012 | Travel
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I am going with my friend to scatter her Dad's ashes in Medjugorie. We are staying in Dubrovnik. Has anyone done this trip by public transport ie bus? How long does it take and is the boarder to Bosnia just crossed once there and once back?


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Hello Le Chat , I searched "Croatian public transport" and this page came up :
I don't know if you have tried to get in touch with the Croatian Embassy or if you are able to read Croatian websites and search their public transport websites , but I hope this helps .
nothing on Google maps, is there. There's a timetable here


but it looks as if you have to stay the night. It's not all that far - coach trips regularly do day trips from Dubrovnik to Mostar (further inland) and back. Maybe you could get a taxi?

More information here


You just cross the border once each way. I did it en route to Mostar on a tourist bus and the crossings only took 10 minutes or so, but I don't know if that's true of public transport.
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Thanks for your answers. We have decided that a taxi or private coach trip will be the best way forward as the bus runs at a weird time!

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Dubrovnik to Bosnia

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