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smurfchops | 12:35 Sun 01st Apr 2012 | Travel
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What are the extra charges if any, I would have to pay, if I book a flight with Easyjet? e.g. Hand luggage, Seats, etc. If I book a holiday with a package tour and the flight is Easyjet, would all the extras come in with the package price?? Thanks all


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I think it's only the suitcase that's added in smurf, I'd ring the holiday comany and ask them.
Hand luggage is included but beware if it is bigger or heavier than the allowance they will put it in the hold and charge you for a suitcase.

Suitcases vary according to the flight time £20+ e/w. speedy boarding £15 e/w no prebooking of seats. We book recently via a discount holiday company and flew with Ryan Air and had to pay the extra for the cases when booking, then we logged on the Ryan Air and paid and booked our seats seperately.

Beware a package holiday is a very specific thing, using teletex etc does not usually constitute a package.

What I usually do is go on the Easyjet website, find the flights I want and then go through the booking procedure right up until the point where they are asking for card details. That way you know exactly how much it is all going to cost.
I travelled with EasyJet last year for the first time and they are quite good in my opinion for their lowish prices- you just have to put up with crammped foot room!
As far as I know, you don't get charged for hand luggage if its in the specified measurments, and for the seats people sit anywhere when they got on the plane so I doubt there are seat fees- but I could be wrong about this. There are no charges for the toilet either as far as I can remember.

I would recommend that you look on the easyjet website and book a trial flight and see what the total charges are. There will be charges for tax (air miles) and so on which they add onto the flight.
hand luggage has to fit in the frame they have at check-in (the usual wheelie bag size) but can be any weight as long as you can lift it to the lockers. Package tour operators would usually go along with this unless perhaps they've chartered the whole plane.
Travelled with easyjet in January if I remember correctly you can take hand luggage 55cmx45cmx25cm free of charge no weight restriction. If booked in advance you pay for hold luggage per case and priority boarding. Prices on web site. From what I have read they are introducing a new charge where you can chose your actual seat on some routes. Certainly came out cheaper than anyone else. Go prepared so you do not have to buy any drinks or food on board which is expensive for what you get.
£13 isn't it in Europe...?

The Airlines are talking through their arses.....

In the UK, unlike the EU, aviation fuel is not taxed with VAT. If we were to apply it, I use the following example:

36750 US gallons on an Airbus 330-200 with a range of 6750 miles and passenger capacity of 250

Say you were flying to Larnaca, Cyprus that's 2000 miles, say 18000 gallons as you have to allow for landing as well, well then that's 72 US gallons of fuel. Current UK price is £852.30/1000 litres, so 72 galls = 272 litres or £232 - apply 20% VAT and that's £46 increase.....

Take your pick.
thats the new incremental tax coming into to effect....and will be surcharged in the near future, or possibly absorbed on better packages....
DT - the airlines (or the ones who are clued up) don`t pay the current fuel prices. They fuel hedge. The taxes don`t go to the airlines. They go to the government. The heads of the major UK (and Irish) airlines are vehementley against APD and lobbied the government (to no avail).
the APD is charged on the distance to the capital city of a country, which means you pay more to fly to Barbados than Hawaii. The Caribbean is losing tourist business because of this.
APD is a complete con. It is based on the miles that a person flies and how much damage that person is perceived to have done to the atmosphere while flying to their destination. If a source of aircraft fuel was to be discovered tomorrow (that doesn`t impact on the environment) would the government do away with APD? Absolutely no way.

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