Nile Cruise and Stay holiday for over 70s

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hc4361 | 19:01 Sat 24th Mar 2012 | Travel
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My parents have set their hearts on going to Egypt next year and have asked me to book a cruise and stay 14 night holiday for them.

I have had a look at Saga and the usual tour operator websites and need personal recommendations from those that have been on this holiday recently.

My parents are 'traditional' about their food and I am worried they will starve to death (they don't do salads!) and need to know which is the best time of year to go - they don't want it too hot.

They have never been on a cruise (nor have I).

All suggestions and advice welcomed.


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Not done the Nile cruise but been to Egypt 4x twice in August and twice in December, weather is lovely in December mid to late 20s. So id say go in our winter months so it wont be too hot for them.
We went in February and it was lovely - I burn badly and was OK. I have done the Nile Cruise and stopover food was grand our boat was full of older people, as long as they stay away from ice and drink bottle water they should be fine.

Have a look at Thomas Cook or Discovery Egypt.
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Many thanks, both - I now know to look at December to February and have a couple more websites to look at.
Saga tend to be on the expensive side but by all accounts they do look after their customers well. Plenty of companies will take you there - I went with Archers a couple of years ago. Voyages Jules Verne are usually pretty good and among the cheaper options.
PS cruising is usually between Aswan and Luxor, and maybe back again, not the whole Nile. That's probably only 3-4 days. They could spend the rest of their time in Luxor or Aswan, or going to a coastal place like Sharm el-Sheikh. There are lots of historic sites to see in Luxor, fewer round Aswan, and not that many elsewhere (apart from Cairo and the pyramids).
Jno a nile cruise is typically 7 days and that is luxor to Aswan
true, you can stretch them out all week if you like, though I've twice done it more quickly. Doing it over a week usually involves lengthy stops for sightseeing, ballooning etc.

Not eating salads is good. You never know what they've been washed in. Safest food has been cooked or peeled.
I went mid November 2010 and had a lovely time. Went with Discover Egypt and being in my forties, was among the younger members of the party! Quite a lot of variety of food on board, and a fairly excessive amount of cake. Boat was shared with a couple of other tour operators, but can't remember who they were. Did a 3 night stop in Cairo and a 7 day cruise. If you want to see the Pyramids and Egyptian museum then you need to put the Cairo bit in. I went on my own, and it was well organised, and I even had a guide to myself in Cairo (it was a bit like being back at school, because he kept asking me questions to make sure I remembered what he'd told me).
There were a fair number of 'cruise veterans' on the boat who stated this was on a much smaller scale than they were used to, but they still enjoyed it.
I'm sure your parents will have a great time.
Went for a 7 night cruise in January last year with Archers, it was a great holiday food was good, similar style of buffet to any you would get in Europe tho not quite as much choice. They baked their own bread on the boat which was delicious. Weather was not too hot, Early morning trips most days to see the various sites when it was cool. It was quite a tiring holiday but very enjoyable Temperature warmed up later in the afternoon when you could relax on the top of the boat. Would thoroughly recommend it. I was a bit concerned about 'gippy tummy' but took antibac with us and used it after handling their money which is very grubby and before touching food so no problems. Cannot help with hotels in Egypt but think January is a good time to go.
Avoid June - they close the lock at Essana (or upstream of Luxor, anyway) for dred, and a couple of days will involve lengty coach travel.
If in their 70s they might find the walking a bit much at some of the sites, Valley of the Kings for one, and Essana has a very steep entrance. Beware, they're not keen on letting you stay on board when most passengers are on the excursions.
On the plus side, excursions are usually early morning, avoiding the heat.
A seaside resort would be a good idea AFTER the cruise, my personal favourite is Taba Heights (the Hyatt Regency is really relaxing).
I've been on holidays alongside Saga travellers, and they really do look after you.
Did Jules Verne cruise up the Nile . Absolutely brilliant. Food excellent. Guides, second to none. Comfortable cabins. Entertainment good but not obligatory. Option of extra time in Luxor if required to extend holiday. Just beware the towel sculptures!

I went in the October half term time. Hot but not unpleasantly so. Best holiday ever. Was mid sixties. Just ask if a trip would be too taxing for your parents. Very helpful guides. Plenty of places to sit and rest if you get tired.

Hope you find something suitable. For me it was the holiday of a lifetime and I went alone.
*** reason for lock closure is dredging ***
Valley of the Kings has an excellent shuttle service.

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Nile Cruise and Stay holiday for over 70s

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