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whiskeysheri | 14:36 Tue 06th Mar 2012 | Travel
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Hi, all! It's been a long time, but I'm desperate for help... :)

It's my boyfriend's 30th birthday in June and I'd really like to take him away to Rome for a couple of nights. He's been before (stayed in a hostel), and it's a very special place to him. However, I know nothing about Rome, and because he does, I need to get it right; it's going to be a surprise, so I can't ask/tell him anything.

His birthday is on a Saturday, and I thought it might be nice for him to wake up in Rome on the big day before we travelled home to see family and friends, but I'm not sure if it'll make much of a price difference at all.

I'd really love for us to stay in a beautiful hotel/B&B with pretty views, near or on the outskirts of the sites. I'd much prefer to hear people's personal recommendations, too. Does anyone have any?

Otherwise, anyone who may have been, I'd appreciate absolutely ANY advice/hints/tips, please. I really want this to be amazing for him. Thanks, guys, in advance! :)


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Try , good luck in finding your ideal break
I stayed in the Astoria Garden Hotel. It's not the biggest or highest starred hotel, but it was certainly nice. The best bit though was that it has it's own garden. You can pay extra fpr a garden view room. I was lucky enough to get the one with the biggest private veranda.

It isn't on the outskirts though, right in the centre, very close to the railway station, so really easy to get around. Staying outside the city centre means that you have to travel in every morning and back out again every night.

But you can certainly pay bigger bucks for a swankier hotel.
this has always sounded like something a bit different

They do four nights but you might be able to book less through someone else or direct. I haven't been there myself so can't give a recommendation
Spudqueen that hotel looks really nice but there are two things that baffle me.

1 Why are there no photos of the garden?
2 Why does a pearl necklace have such prominence on the bed?

Whiskeysheri, a hotel near to the Spanish Steps was recommended to me, I'll see if I can find the details.
Hi whiskeysheri sorry I can't help with Rome but I saw your post and just wanted to say what a lucky guy having such a thoughtful girlfriend to plan this special trip.
I wish you both well and hope you get somewhere nice sorted for the two of you.
Ah - that's where I left my necklace!! lol. I don't know why there aren't any photos of the garden. It has got orange trees in it.
There's a picture here
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Thank you, lovelies! I really appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice- I so want to get this right. :)

How cool is that, jno? Sadly, the 11pm curfew is going to have to make it a no, though. :)

Thanks, pizza! We only met 7 weeks ago, but I'm moving in with him in two. I know it sounds pretty sickening, but he's amazing, so he deserves a holiday that is, too. :) Thanks again, guys, and if you think of anything else, I'll be just as grateful. :)

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